Waiting and Watching

London Ruesah waited, pirched on a tall dead tree, balancing among the branches. The tree overlooked the desert plain, washed in the darkness of night. With the night, came the winds, blowing the desert sands into a maelstrom. But they weren’t winds at all, it was like a unexplainable force, forever chasing, forever hunting. London held his jacket closer to his body, flipping the collar up around his face, protecting his eyes. He had watched a girl for a few days now, frantically running in a head-chopped-off chicken like state. He watched her now, climbing the rocks towards its peak, trying to escape the storm, and whatever followed it.


“I think I should go get her now” said London


A twitch in the eye


“No no, wait until the other come back!”


A twitch in the eye


“But the others aren’t coming back, remember? Ariana said to follow her until she’s ready, until she’s faced it”


A twitch in the eye


“Don’t contradict what I say! I know I’m right!”


A twitch in the eye


“You’ll know to shut up before I throw you off this tree!”


A twitch in the eye


“If you do, I’m taking you with me!”


A twitch in the eye


“Shut up! We have to think of a plan to get her to move, we have to get her closer”


A yawn protruded from London’s mouth


“Sleep first, we’ll think tomorrow”


With that, London produced a yard of rope that hung from a jacket pocket, he tied one end around the thick tree branch, and the other around his ankle. Making sure it was secure on each end, he leapt off the branch, dangling upside down, rocking himself to sleep.

The End

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