Team Protagonize: The Darkness

The sun fell into a toxic horizon, spraying it's vibrant fire across the sky. In contrast, the darkness grew and swallowed the world, penumbral hands latching at nooks and crannies, finding their malignant ways down the creases of the world. Autumn chased the sun, Darkness chased her.

Autumn wasn't aware of how she came to be in this place, she was bewildered, she had fallen asleep and come to in this dead world. She had not seen a living creature for 3 days, not a bird, not a bug, nor the faint life of wind rustling the world. Day time just brought about a ghost world, a complete lethargy, nothing shifted except her and the planets. 
By night, the world played mischief, energy waking in every pore. The most vile kind of energy imaginable, it was shadows, living, breathing, terrorizing the day. The moon came in spite, to create a visible sense of chaos. 

Twilight set in deep, the shadows came, the world spun faster, chaos spoke from the trenches of this battle field, a war cry of a solitary maelstrom. 

"What am I doing here?" Autumn turned, watching the arch of shadows beat down the day, like an inevitable arm wrestle. "Where am I?" 

She ran and ran, heart pounding, knowing exactly what was to come next, knowing full well the shadow that chased her, the image of herself reflected in the glossy skin of the black shape that called itself by her name. Each foot planting closely after the first, pounding through the world, stumbling and steadying herself. 

The sun was a closing eye on the horizon, the last few seconds of protection it offered with it's all seeing light was nearly at an end, only the atmospheric de-fusion of light lent Autumn time. She continued to clamber, relentlessly towards a high point, a place in the rocks where she may hide in shadows, hide in shadows from shadows themselves. 

Autumn didn't know what to do. Orange twinkled out in the distance, a dark disturbing moon crept into the sky, it's smile, not like on earth, with a wicked grin and a twinkle in it's eye. 

She found her hand clasping around rocks, propelling herself further into the sky on this small protruding mountain, her hand reached a surface, and she struggled to bring herself up to the landing where she collapsed and gathered her breath. 

"Day is nearly gone" she thought, "must hide". As she raised her head, she saw it. Saw exactly what she was dreading, the precise shape and detail it gave, the dark aura that followed it. Autumn had reached the peak of the rocky outcrop, just to find what she knew she was running from. Did it know she was coming here, how could this be possible? 

At the other side of the wide rocky peak, a statue stood, darker than night, stiller than stone. But with enough energy to combust and spray the day with darkness. Cautiously, Autumn got to her feet, and looked down the drop she had just climbed. She'd have to go back. With care to look back at the statue, to make sure night was not complete, Autumn wished she hadn't. Night had come, and whilst she'd been preparing her decent, the statue had crept closer. There was no way out...

The End

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