Selina: Leave on the Bell

In my school life, I live by one rule. LEAVE ON THE BELL. Which is a shortened version of 'when the bell goes, do not help clear up, do not go to any after school clubs, do not wait for friends, do not get any detentions, and most definitely do not wait until the teacher says you can go'. See why I shortened it? So, every day, when the bell goes I'm already ready to go. And I just leave. I didn't have this rule a few months ago. Here's why:


It was a Monday afternoon. Me and my friend, Arianne, were helping clear up. We hadn't made the mess, but we had to clear it up while everyone else just lounged around. Teachers don't like keeping you back after school. Even though they say 'I don't mind keeping you after school', they don't mean it. I found out why the hard way.

"Come on now everyone. If you don't help tidy up I'll keep you behind after school. It wastes more of your time than it does of mine" Mrs Screecher said. She wasn't really called Mrs Screecher, she was called Mrs Siecher. But because she screamed all the time, it got turned into Mrs Screecher. At least it rhymes. Then, the bell went.


I sighed and carried on tidying. So did Arianne. Everyone else moved to get up.

"No! Sit down! Nobody leaves until this classroom is tidy!" Mrs Screecher screeched. Then she left the classroom herself. Selfish woman. Then there was a huge bang. Then the rest of the Y6's started piling heavy stuff up against the door. Me and Arianne watched in confusion.

"What are they doing Lina?" Arianne asked.

"I have no idea" I replied. Then, all the stuff started shaking as a load of thumps and bangs hit the door. So, here we were, stuck in the classroom. With the rest of the class trying to protect us from teachers. 

The End

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