Swagg (p15)Mature

Cameron walked out with all his sexiness. He was still glistening with sweat. His swagg was blinding. He walked past me and Toya, and walked into the kitchen. Everyone was quiet. Not a word was said, as every pair of eyes watch him move into the kitchen and grab a bacon strip. 

"Good Morning ladies." Cameron spoke with his deep dark sexy tone.

Eve practically melted in the chair, while the other women responded back.

Cameron said, "If I knew you were coming, I would have cooked more."

Toya said, "Oh, well if we knew you were here, we would have been here sooner."

I wanted to slap Toya, but I kept it moving.

I said, "Cameron, these are my friends" as I pointed around the room.

"You know Toya & Eve! But this is Kory, Bre and my twin sister Laura Ann."

"Pleased to meet you!"He said, so manly. He continued, "Ladies, you are all beautiful. But unfortunately I have to leave, but it was nice meeting you all. Hopefully, I will see you later." He shook everyone's hand.

He walked to the bathroom, and said, "Can we talk before I go?"

I nodded and followed him into my bedroom. I could already hear my annoying friends start to talk about us. I close the door tightly.


As soon as I closed the door, Cameron gently kissed me.

I could have melted in his arms, it was so pleasant.

He said, "Thank you for letting me take you out of a date. I had an amazing time. I hope I wasn't too aggressive, I just wanted to be romantic."

I replied, " It was very romantic but just too aggressive. Take your time, it doesn't all have to happen in one night. And you will never get me to scream your name." I giggled.

He laughed, " I was close. But I'm sorry, I just really wanted you, but I'll take it slow. So where does this leave us?"

"You were close, but not close enough big boy, and wherever you want this to go, I am comfortable with letting you lead."

"I like that, Denise. I would like to see you as my girlfriend, but not right now. I would rather us be above the friend level but below the relationship level. I want us to take it slow."

I smiled, "I so agree with you Cameron. So we can date other people, but..."

"...but we can date each other too." He finished.

He put his shirt on and said as he picked up his car keys:

"By the way, you were amazing in bed last night. I never had a woman make me cum first. But the next time, I'll get you to cum first."

I smiled, "Its because I'm a special lady. Thanks Cameron. Thank you for this weekend." I opened the door.

He walked out, and waved goodbye to all my friends. I walked him to his car outside. He gave me one final kiss, which was heavenly and he drove away.

The End

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