Round 2 (p14)Mature

His pectoralis major distracted me as he moved back and forth on me. They contracted in sync with the movement of his arms and his breath. His abs, the warmth his muscular torso and his arms pumping an sensation into me that I haven't felt in a while, as he crawled over my little bigger than petite body. 

He kissed my lips and his arms met my stretched arms above my head, touching the head-board of the bed. His head started to move below my neck, leaving a soft kisses trail behind. He slid his love around on my sexually-deprived body.

My eyes were closed the whole time but I bet he could tell I was enjoying his touch and every move he was making.  He lifted my legs and he put them on his shoulders while his hands were pressed in my goodies.Then he started... eating his favorite food.  "Oooooo" I said, It felt so good, as my eyes rolled back. 

My eyes started to flutter as his head started to move with every thrust of his tongue.  I started to breathe hard as he made sure I felt every thing he was doing. 

He popped up, and said, "Say my name, baby" and slid back down. 

"Ca- ca... "  I never wanted to give a man that much controls, especially now by saying his name, but he was doing the damn thing by making me grasp for air. It felt so good; the warmth of his mouth. 

"Ca...Ca..."  He popped up again, "haha, you gonna make me work! Say my name!" and slid back down. 

He did something with his tongue that made me scream!  "Ahhhh!" I said. I started to cry, it felt sooooo good! 

My hands gripped the back of his head as he started to go harder.  The doorbell rang.  As soon as I heard that sound, I knew it couldn't be good. 

"Cam, stop... I gotta answer the door." I stuttered but he kept going. 

Then we heard voices. 

"O.M.G. thats my sisters voice." 

Cameron looked up at me, "Your sister?" 

"Yea" I said, "She has a key to the house." 

He stopped and said, "Is everything okay?" 

I replied as I looked at the clock,  "Yea, we have a breakfast date at 11 am" 

I lied, and I knew she was only here to check up on me. I jumped up,  tossed on my bath robe and ran into the bathroom. He just laid there with all his sexiness. I washed my face as I heard the rest of my girl's voice also. 

"Stay here!" I said to Cameron as I calmly walk out of my bedroom to meet my friends. 


The door opened, and I walked out to my friends. 

"Is everything ok?" said Laura Ann. 

"Yeah, I'm good now! Sorry about the scare. You guys can go now" I whispered. 

The girls were sitting around my table, while Bre was making herself a plate of food. 

Toya replied, "Why are you whispering?" 

I quickly replied, holding my robe tightly: "Sore throat." 

"You don't got no sore throat. Maybe from screaming" said Eve as I rolled my eyes. 

The girls burst into laughter.

Toya started walking towards my bedroom, and I grabbed her before she opened the door. 

"What are you doing?" I whispered. 

"I was just about to get something," she responded. 

Then my bedroom door open and...

The End

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