Good Morning (p13)Mature

I woke up to his soft moist kisses. His warm, firm hands gripped my waist, and as I started to gain my focus from the rays of light beaming between the curtains of my window, I felt a lovely sensation through my body. He rubbed his hands on my stomach and finished exploring what he couldn't last night. I saw his biceps flex and I started to remember what happened last night. I really didn't know what was going on, just knew I was enjoying it and I was completely relaxed. My eyes began to focus on the gentleman that was laying in my bed with me.

John? my ex...boyfriend... and then I saw Cameron...

I smiled and bit my lip.

"Good morning." I said in my morning voice.

"Good morning beautiful." Cameron said,  "How do you feel?"

Then I realized... and my eyes got big....

I had SEX last night!!! Uggggh! I gave it up! Fucking alcohol! I so didn't mean to have sex on my 2nd date.  I looked at my caramel skin tone and it still glistened from the oils of the massage I gave him last night, and mixture of the alcohol.

"I feel nice." I whispered. I did feel nice, disappointed in myself, but nice.

"Well, I cooked breakfast. About 15minutes but I'm almost finished." He said as he jumped up, and left the room.

"I can't believe I slept with him?" I said to myself.

I peeked open my door to see him cooking. He looked good. Muscles just glistening in the morning light. I ran into the bathroom and took the fastest shower I could take. Washing all the oils, and alcohol off my body. I never did this before, I was a little uncomfortable, but I didn't want to seem like I was upset. I got out the shower, and ran back into my bedroom. I peeked open the door, to see him still in kitchen cooking. He had my Bose stereo playing. He is getting way to comfortable at my place. I looked at the clock: 9:43am.  Ughh, this blows!! Gotta get this man out of my house.  I gently closed the door. I searched for my phone. Ugh, missed calls and text messages. I called my sister Laura Ann, and got her voice mail. I ran into the bathroom.

"Hello, you've reached the voicemail of Ms. L. DaSilva, please leave your information and a message after the beep. Thank you and have a blessed day!"

"La, its Denise. I slept with Cameron last night, I had too much to drink. It's almost ten, and he is still here. I'm not uncomfortable with him here, he is just getting a little too comfortable, and I'm little nervous and I want you to come over. Okay, call me later, bye!"

I shut the door and realize that I was still naked! I tossed on a t-shirt and some jeans. I slipped my Elmo slippers on and let my wet hair hang down. He knocked on my door and pushed the door open.

"Hey babe?" he said bringing in two plates of food.

I thought: Babe? We are rushing... and just moving too fast, but I still should play along.

"Ooh what do you have there?" I whispered.

"You look beautiful. You look amazing in the morning, but I have some eggs, bacon, homemade chocolate chip pancakes." He said.

I smiled, and he climbed into my bed. He signaled for me to get back in my bed.

I said, "I don't want to get my bed dirty."

He responded, "We did dirtier things on this bed last night."

My eyes got big, when I realized what we possibly did.

I sat in the bed with him, and he fed me the food. Moments later, I started to relax because the food was so good. He kissed me, and his mouth was warm. His hands began to creep along my jeans, slowly unbuttoning.  He gently flipped me over, ugh when he took control it was so sexy. He slipped my jeans off, and I started to have flashbacks to the night before. I noticed that he got me wet too. I let go of being uncomfortable and I let him take full control. He flipped me over again, and his face started to creep along my inside edges of my thighs. His hands started to message my skin while I felt his tongue lick my juices...

"Ooo" a slight moan crept out my mouth.

I gently closed my eyes and felt every movement he made with his tongue. He was really enjoying himself, and I enjoyed every touch. I grabbed the pillow case as he went harder. I started to moan louder, and he was feeding off my emotions as I realize I was stabbing my nails into the pillow. I let out a strong moan and he stopped. I started to catch my breath. I opened my eyes, and saw him sliding on a condom.  I prepared myself. Ugh! I'm sleeping with him again, and I can't stop myself. He tossed the gold condom wrapper on my floor and started to kiss my neck. Round 2 has begun.

The End

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