My Babies (p12)Mature

I sat in the park for about thirty minutes. I just needed to cry. The rain cleared up and I was completely soaked. I remember looking up at God and the beauty of the sky as the sun started to shine again. I picked up my bag from underneath the bench; where I hid it so it won't get wet. I noticed that I have several missed calls and text messages. I looked down to read the texts, and realized that I needed to get home. I grabbed my bag and darted home. 

Jackson drove by in his red Volvo XC60. He pulled up next to me as I ran home.

"Hello again." He said.

I smiled, "Hello."

He responded, "Do you want a ride?"

I smiled, "I'm okay... I like to run. Wouldn't you rather watch me run?"

I chuckled and then he said, "I rather get to know you over dinner sometime."

I thought, Is this my week or something?! Getting asked out left and right, like I got a big ass sign on my forehead that says Single and Horny. Its ridiculous.

I said to him, "You are hitting on me while driving a Volvo?"

He chuckled, " I love my baby, and what do you drive?"

I laughed as I jogged down my street.

I said, " I have options. Would you like to see?"

He looked confused.

I walked up to my apartment and he started smiling. I hit my garage button and the doors opened. I got into my silver Lexus IS250C convertible. I pulled up next to him.

He laughed as I pointed out my other baby sitting in my garage; an royal blue 2009 Honda Accord Type S.

"You like? But thank you for the offer. I gotta go."

"Bye Denise" He chuckled as he drove off. I parked my car back in my garage. I love showing off. Truth is, the Honda Accord is my baby. My dad bought me and my sister twin convertibles when he came into money some time ago. But its nice to flaunt it. I ran into the house to get ready for my date with Cameron tonight.


That night:

Cameron took me to a comedy show. I think this is our 2nd date. It was hilarious! Kevin Hart is so funny. Cameron had to pay a lot of money to get tickets for him, and we got good seats. Cameron seems a little nervous. He was stumbling through his words and sometimes he seem overly apologetic, but I understand he is really nervous. After that he took me to dinner at what is both our favorite places to eat. We sat at the table and talked for some time. He was still nervous but it was so cute. I really like him. I wanted him to relax, so he had 3 drinks. We have a lot of similarities. He softly kissed me at dinner. It was very romantic.

I drove his car home because he was a little too tipsy for me to let him drive. When we got back to my house, he was still a little tipsy. So I invited inside my home so he could sober up. 

The End

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