Saturdays (p11)Mature

Eve snapped her fingers in my face. I wasn't paying any attention to anyone but to Jackson taking off his shirt. He was a really cute white guy with rich brown eyes. He had a tattoo of strength written in Japanese on his pectoral muscle. He was nicely shaped too. His abs weren't defined but he did have a nice v cut in his waist. He also had a his ears pierced. I liked the way his...

Eve snapped her fingers again. "Denise!" said Eve.

She broke my train of thought and I blinked a couple of times. Eve pointed out the window. We had a great view of the building being on the 3rd floor.

"Yes?!" I said as I wonder where Jackson went. I stood up and walked over to Laura Ann who was standing at the window.

Will walked in with that hoe I dislike.

Kory grabbed her stuff, "I don't want any drama, so I think we should leave."

We grabbed our stuff, and started to leave.  We walked down some steps. It was really bothering me that Will chose her over me. As we walked through the 1st floor, I stopped Laura Ann and started to talk to her.

 "It's really bothering me about Will and the hoes he likes to entertain." I said.

Laura Ann giggled, "Will will do what he wants to. As friends we should stand by his decisions."

"I have stood by his decisions, I gave him close to $600 for her abortion."

She shook her head. "Denise, he'll come around," as we opened the door to the humid air outside.

Kory jumped in her car and said, "Okay ladies! Great workout! I'm  see yall later!"

We waved goodbye as she drove away. A red car parked pulled up in the parking space that Kory just drove out of.

Laura Ann took out her keys and hugged Denise and Eve. "Okay ladies, I'm leaving. Denise, I heard about you going out with Eve and Toya last night. I'm cooking dinner tonight, you want to come over?"

Denise smiled and said "Actually, I have a date."

"What! Really" said Laura Ann.

"Get it! With Cameron right!" said Eve.

"Yes...but I gotta get my walk on. I'll talk with you later!" I said.

Eve jumped in the car with Laura Ann. Will got out of the red car and waved to Laura Ann and Eve. They waved goodbye and drove off.

"Hi Denise," said Will.

"William" I said back.

"I know your mad at me. But I cannot lose your friendship. Can we talk tomorrow?!"

I went into my bag, and pulled out the envelope with the rest of the money. I gave it to him. He took the money for the abortion.

Will said, "Denise, please talk to me?"

I didn't say anything. I went back into my bag, and place my ear plugs in my ears. I clicked my ipod on shuffle.

Will said, "I know I messed up with you! But Denise."

I turned my back to him, and started my jog. I didn't want to hear anything he had to say because it was irrelevant because he is still with her. I turned back to look at him as I was almost out of the parking lot and he looked mad. He sent me a text about a place to meet him, but I ignored it.

Halfway home, I stopped at a park and sat on a bench. It started to rain, and my tears came down too.


The End

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