Werk It (p10)Mature

The Next Day.

I woke up feeling good. I had a good sleep, and decided to sleep in on this bright and sunny Saturday morning. I took a shower and got change into my gym clothes; a green tank top and gold sweatpants, the university's colors. I haven't had a perm in years, so I put my wet hair in a ponytail, grab a bottle of Fuji water, my ipod , and ran across the street to check up on Eve.

All my friends live fairly close, Eve is just the closest, with being across the street. I am moving soon though into my FIRST house a block away because I love the neighborhood.

I knocked on her door.

"Hello?!" I said.

No answer. I walk on her lawn and see a window open and I quietly yelled, "EVE!" Well not quietly...

Eve opened her window and responded:

"Hey D! I'm coming to the front."

I waited a couple of seconds and Eve came to the front door.

I said, "You ready to go?"

Eve grabbed her keys, and we started our jog to the gym.


Eve and I met Laura Ann and Kory. We all try to work out in the gym together at least once a week. Our lives can get busy, and sometimes we don't see each other, so this is sometimes our catch up time or just a breather from our lives.

We've been here for about an hour, and Kory struck up another conversation about her wedding.  I decided to take a run around the track because I rather not talk about weddings, and being happy with men. I love my friends, and I'm so happy for them. I'm just alone, and don't want to be jealous of them, so I be happy for them and avoid the conversations.

'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj played on my ipod as I started to run. Such a dumb song, I'm a little worried about the state of music now-a-days, but I like it. I start humming the tune as I dart around the track.

I sung, "Can't you hear that Boom da  boom , boom  tha boom. He got that super bass!" I realized a guy passed me when I sung that line. I noticed that he was laughing.  I slowed down and walked off the track. He ran off too.

"Super Bass by Nicki Minaj?" he said.

I giggle out of embarrassment, "Yes, it is. Did I bother you with my awful singing? I didn't know I was that loud?!"

He laughed again, "Yeah, you were a little loud, but you sounded nice. It's a good song, dumb, but good."

We both chuckled.

"Well I'm new to this gym, my name is Jackson by the way," he said.

I responded, "It's an awesome gym. I've been going here for sometime now. Your in good hands.  My name is Denise."

We both said, "Well, its nice to meet you!"

I said, "Well I gotta get back to my cardio workouts, before my heart rate goes down. Nice talking to you, Jackson and I won't be singing loud anymore when their other people on the track." We both laughed.

I heard him underneath his breath, "My heart rate went up when I saw you."

I smiled and waved as I ran back onto the track.  After I finish my cardio workout, I'm going to check in with my girls, because they saw me talking to him and I know they have opinions to share.


20minutes later...

"Who was that?!" said Laura Ann.

"Jackson, a new member to the gym. He's kinda cute." I responded.

Kory interjected, "You like white guys?! Really! You too La!"

Laura Ann answered for me, "Um, Not me! Only Denise! Kory don't you remember that her ex John is white."

I interjected as Eve and Kory laughed, "I can speak for myself. I don't discriminate! Penis is penis. Doesn't matter what color!"

We exploded into laughter. Brought a little unwanted attention to ourselves, but we didn't care.

I responded, "All jokes aside, I fall in love with people, not just color of one's skin."

My girls agreed. Eve stood up to stretch when something outside caught her eye.

Eve pointed outside, "Denise, heads up. Will  and the girl you don't like is about to enter the gym."

The End

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