One On One (p9)Mature

We sat down. Cameron began:

"First, I want to apologize for this afternoon. I had an emergency at home."

"Oh! You're okay! I totally understand! Do what you have to do." I replied.

"I also apologize for my actions in the elevator. It was very unprofessional and I never would want to put you in a place that made you uncomfortable."

"I wasn't uncomfortable" I said boldly.

"Oh! I just don't want any problems between us and certainly do not want to get fired over something like this."

"No... I wasn't uncomfortable. And I don't have any problems with you."

"I think you looked beautiful that day, and even more beautiful tonight, I'm glad you came out."

I giggled, "Cameron, I'm glad that we talked about this but I hope that elevator incident won't happen again."

His facial expression became serious. I continued:

"Cameron, I don't want to lose my job, and it was very unprofessional what we did."

He nodded with agreement. I continued:

"And I know that you love your job, and you don't want to lose yours neither, so if we do something like that again, lets aim for it not to be on the university premises."

I giggle to break the silence, and he thought for a second and joined in with the laughter. I continued:

"But I think you look good as well and thank you for the compliment."

Cameron took a deep breath, and exhaled. He responded, "I thought you were going to sue me."

I giggled. "No, I wouldn't do that" I said as I looked up.

"Are those your friends up there?" said Cameron.

I laughed, "Yes!"

Toya and Eve were dancing with two gentlemen to 'Down On Me' by Jeremih.

"Would you like to dance?" He said.

"Um, it doesn't matter." I replied, hoping he wouldn't dance but continue to seem interested in me.

"Well, I would rather ask you properly to go out on a date."

"Wouldn't you rather email me again?"

We laughed, He responded, "No, I just didn't want to stand you up, but if your free tomorrow night? I would like to take you out. May I?"

I licked my lips. "That would be fine. I do have papers to grade but I guess that will wait to Sunday."

We laughed again. The date, or what has become of it, started to go well. For the night, I talked to him leaving my girls to have fun on their own. He was really good company. I learned a lot about him and he did the same for me. 3 hours went by pratically, and it was now closing time at the lounge.


He helped a drunken Eve to Toya's car, as we laughed.

"I can't believe that girl fell out in there," said Toya.

"Ha! She had wayyy to much to drink! Why did you let that girl drink, when all she ate was cherries?" I replied.

Cameron with his strong arms carried my friend to the car. He put her in the backseat. Toya and I were a couple feet away from them.

"So how was it?" Said Toya.

I responded, "He is really a good guy and I like him."

Cameron walked over to Denise and Toya. He said:

"I put Eve in the back seat. She should be okay. She will vomit though."

Toya quickly responded, "Not in my car, that bitch better not!" as she walked to her car. She turned and said, "Bye Cameron, nice meeting you. Have a safe drive."

Denise and Cameron laughed. I turned to him.

"Cam, I had an amazing night. Thank you for showing me a great time. I never even known that this place existed!"

He responded, "I'm glad you came, and I'm glad we spent time together."

I grabbed the car keys from my purse and waved goodbye. "I gotta go, I'm the designated driver, and I don't want Eve to through up in her car" I giggled.

"Okay, drive safely! Can I get your phone number?" He said.

I walked up to give it to him and he kissed me. His soft lips matched mine perfectly. We kissed for about five seconds and it was amazing. When he release, his eyes were still close and he bit his lip. I know how to kiss!

I gave him my number, and he sent me a text.

"Goodnight Cam." I said as I walked to Toya's car.

"Goodnight Denise,"  he said as he watched her walk.

The End

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