Remain Sexy (p8)Mature

The crowd went nuts! Cameron did an amazing performance. Denise sat in her seat, speechless as her girls were excited. Cameron grabbed his case and walked off stage to a standing ovation. Denise bit into a slice of a strawberry as she was looking down. She was thinking...

Denise thought:

I didn't know what to do... I was speechless for the first time in a long time. He was so sexy up there. I've only seen him in suit and a tie but what he was wearing and how he sound, and how he played... ugh the...he just the definition of sexy.  He is 6'2, about 220lbs, light-skinned, just enough muscle. His lips were so smooth, and his hands were so warm.

He was currently wearing a 'white wife beater' (I hate that name) undershirt ,  dark denim jeans, a black blazer and some Timbaland boots. His pecks were well define and you could see it through his shirt.

I watched him get off the stage and the girls throwing themselves at him... INCLUDING EVE!

I snapped out... and told Toya, "Go get Eve! She look like an ho!"

Toya started laughing, and walk up to get Eve. I chuckled to myself, and went back to being in thought.

Oh my friends... they are too much. But he does look good. I took a couple of deep breaths. I decided to remain seating and let him come to me. Gotta keep up the game. The waitress walked over to me, and I order another berry fruit salad. I was a little nervous but I kept my cool.

Toya and Eve sat back down.

"Denise?" Eve snapped her fingers and I broke my train of thought.

"Yes?" I said.

"Well?" said Eve.

Toya responded, "Denise is too calm to go to him. Don't you know the games she plays?"

Denise giggled, "Hush!"  The girls chuckled.

The waitress walked over and place my salad on the table.

"Ladies, you look beautiful tonight! What can I get for you?"

As soon as she took our order, Cameron made his way over to our table.

"Hello Professor DaSilva," he said to me.

I did a cute giggle and my girls rolled their eyes, I said: "Its after hours Professor Sharpp. Denise will suffice and hello to you too!"

I stood up and shook his hand. I turned to sit down, making sure he saw my dress and said, "You did an absolutely amazing job up there on stage! You can sing and play the sax?"

"Yes I can! Its an hidden talent that I express from time to time," he said.

Toya coughed loudly grabbing our attention.

I quickly said, "Oh sorry girls. Cameron, these are two of my best friends, Toya & Eve!"

They shook hands.

"Well I don't mean to interrupt but can I talk to you in private about the elevator incident." Cameron said.

I got up and walked towards the bar. I made sure he got a good glimpse of me rocking this dress. I turned to him and I caught him looking at my booty.

"Cameron? Where would you like to go?"

"Um, we can sit here." He said as he pulled the chair out.

The End

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