Ms Philadelphia (p7)Mature

An R&B artist by the name of Musiq's and his song, 'Ms Philadelphia' was playing throughout her apartment.

Denise laid in her bath tub. She just finished talking to Toya and Eve about seeing Cameron  tonight. They left her apartment to go get ready, because they didn't want Denise to go alone.  The smooth sounds of R&B relaxed Denise. The hot water and sea salt was relaxing her body as she sat in the water. She looked at the dress that Toya picked out for her to wear tonight hanging on the door. It was a rather beautiful dress that she has only wore once.  A dark purple dress that hugged her curves just right; Showed just enough cleavage and the length was a little bit above the knee. Denise always had a sexy shape. She was only about 135lbs but a lot of it was booty meat. She was blessed with natural hair to her shoulder that was manageable.  She never like hair intentions.

She got out of the bath tub and proceeded to walk around her apartment nude. Her phone started to ring, and she ran with all her nakedness into her bedroom. Breathing heavily she answered:


"Hey Denise! Its Toya! We are ready."

"Oh just give me a second, I gotta put my shoes on and get my purse" I said, but I was lying.

"Well, you want us to wait in the car, or wait for you in your living room."

"The living room will be fine."

She ran down the steps and unlocked the door. Musiq's song 'Someone'  started to play.

"Come on in." Denise said as she hung up and ran back up the steps. She grabbed her dress from the bathroom door, and ran into her bedroom.

Toya walked in Denise's apartment wearing a blue cocktail dress with a gold bow wrapped around her waist, showing her backside off well. It was a very sexy dress but classy. She was rocking gold Louboutin pumps and her hair was straighten.

Eve followed in wearing a gray pants suit with a grey blazer on. She had a cute blue blouse on underneath that showed her 36 C cup well. Her fro had more defining curls than usual and she was rocking the same pumps that Toya had, but in blue.

Ten minutes later, Denise walked down the steps wearing a gorgeous dark purple cocktail dress. A large black belt wrapped around her waist, and her cleavage was presented well. Denise rocked the purple Louboutin boots with the matching gloves. She straighten her hair and gave her herself a bang that sometimes got in her face.

"You look beautiful," said Toya.

"Oh Denise" Eve sighed.

Denise smirked, "Thanks ladies. You look amazing as usual."

Denise grabbed her purse and with the girls left her apartment.


Razz Lounge:

It was a beautiful lounge covered in raspberries and beautiful glass.  The three beautiful women proceeded into the club and were seated in the booths around the lounge.

"This place is nice!" said Eve. Denise, Eve and Toya started to make small conversation. Denise looked around for Cameron. They started to bump to the music as they continued their discussion.

"Excuse me, can I have you attention please," said the owner, Razz.

The ladies along with the rest of the lounge looked to the owner on the stage.

"Next, we have a performer that is going to perform his own rendition of Ms. Philadelphia. The song original artist is Musiq Soulchild.

Eve turned to Denise and said, "Girl, this is your favorite song!"

Denise nodded and said, "I hope they don't mess it up."

The audience started to clap their hands when Cameron got on the stage.

"That's him!" Denise said to her girls.

"He is sexy! Thank the Lord, I got a man! He is really cute!" said Toya.

"I didn't know he could play the saxophone," said Eve.

"Me neither," said Denise.

Cameron started to play his own rendition of Musiq's Ms Philadelphia and sang a little bit too. He sang and played for 4 minutes. The last line he turned and caught eyes with Denise. He sang looking at her...

"Oh Miss Philadelphia...though we met tonight... Oooo Oooo Yeah, Can I be apart of your life? Oooo Yeah-aah-ah-ah mmmm."

The crowd went nuts and so did Toya and Eve! Denise just sat there stunned.

The End

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