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Green Lock University is a beautiful campus and an amazing place to be. At this university, I am a prestigious professor that works hard in everything that I do. I refer to my students as scholars. I really love my job. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), and instantly I was hired here as a assistant. I was able to climb the ladder of success here, and now I have obtain my dream position, of being an professor of English, (even though I may not exhibit good writing skills as I write this story, but I digress.)  I have worked here for about 4 years, and  3 of those years teaching English.

I released class early today, so that I can arrive at Drexel Hall early and finish grading these papers!

Drexel Hall is home of the Education Majors. Professor Cameron Sharpp is an assistant Professor here. I am the youngest faculty member at the age of 26 and Cameron is only 27.

At 4:02pm, I sat down at a desk, and spread out all the papers.  I made three stacks and got to work.


I noticed that I knocked out 3/4ths of my stack of paper work. I fell deep in my students' writing. I looked at the clock, and it read 5:23pm.

Wow! I thought to myself. He stood me up. He probably forgot about it. I only had a hand full left, so I grabbed my red pen and continued to grade.

5:49pm. I finished grading all my paperwork.  I opened my laptop and started adding grades to my grade book. I noticed an email from Cameron. It read:

Denise,                                                                                                                                                                       I'm sorry but I can't meet you at 4:30 today. It's about 1:30 and I had an emergency at home. I hope you can forgive me. I need to check on my grandmother. If you aren't doing something tonight, you should come out to the Razz Lounge. Its about 45minutes away from the campus but it is a nice chilt spot. If you don't come, I'll see you on Monday but I hope you come.


I closed the message. He wants me to go out with him tonight? Should I reply? I was exhausted from grading those papers. So I just decided to pack up my things and begin my walk home.

Sometimes I wish I wore flats to work, but I always got stay looking sexy and strong with these 4inch pumps. I had another adventurous day especially with Will and another interaction with Cameron. The day isn't over yet, I still may visit this bar to talk with Cameron.

As I walked home on another Friday night, I really just wanted to take a long bath and go to sleep, but I might have to go out. I haven't  been out in a long time. I picked up my phone and called my girl.

"Hello?" said Eve.

"Hey!" I said.

"Oh hey girl! How are you?"

"I'm okay... well kind of, do you have time? Can we talk?"

"Of course D! Do you want me to come over? Toya is with me."

"I haven't made it home yet, but yeah that would be great."

"Okay we are on our way."

The End

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