You Have the Audacity! (p5)Mature

Denise slammed the door in her office. Bre started laughing as she sat down. Will sat down next to her. Will proclaimed, "Calm down!"

Denise started to pace back and forth as she yelled:


Bre exploded with laughter! "Denford! Thats your middle name! BAHAHA!"

Will put his hands on his head.

"Denise, I know! I know! Shut up Bre!" Will said.

Denise continued (as punched her hands together on each word), "You know I don't like her! And now you have the audacity to ask me to give you $600 dollars for an emergency abortion, because ..."

Will jumped up. "I know Denise!"

Denise sat down behind her desk. "No! You don't know! Because if you would have known! You wouldn't have done it!

Denise opened her bag, and put a packet on her desk.

Will began to speak and Denise told him to be quiet.

"I'm so mad at you right now! I don't even want you to talk to me right now. But.."

She reached in her purse and slammed $280 dollars on the table.

"I'll drop the rest off in an envelope by tomorrow at your place. Now you have disrupted my day. Get out of my office. Friends do not do this to friends. Especially best friends." Denise said as she opened her door.

Will looked at Denise with remorse and sadness in his eyes.

"I'm sorry. I never meant.." said Will.

Denise quickly replied, "Just leave! I don't like her! And you said you would never go back to her. You made me fight her, and then less than six months later, you got her pregnant! She came to my job making all those false accusations at me, and YOU slept with her again! And then you came to my office, pleading that I would give you this money, damn sure knowing that I love you and will give you anything that you ask me for. You come to me with this shit. Get out! Don't call me Will!"

She slammed her door in his face.

Will sat outside of her office on a bench, and started to tear up.

Cameron at the end of the hallway  saw Will come out of Denise's office.

Cameron approached Will.

"Are you okay?" said Cameron.

"I just pissed off my best friend" Will replied.

"You got a girl pregnant?"

"Yeah, her arch rival or something like that."

"Oh man!"

"How did you know?"

"You guys were pretty loud. I don't know if I should go in there."

"You'll be fine, Denise and Bre like your built."

He laughed. Will collected himself.

Will and Cameron shook hands, Bre and Denise walked out the office.

Bre saw Cameron and Will while Denise started walking the other way, with her purse in her hand. Will walked the other way.

"Denise!" said Cameron as he caught up with her and her best friend.

"Oh hey Cameron!" Denise said.

Bre nodded her head.

"Are you on your way to lunch?" He quickly said.

Denise hesitated and Bre answered: "Yes..."

Denise shot Bre a glare.

"Oh okay, well I wanted to know..."

Bre interrupted, "Yes! She will"

Denise shot Bre another  glare.

Cameron looked confused. "Um?"

I replied, "Please continue, and don't mind her goofiness."

"Well... After lunch and your 2pm class, can we talk?"

"Yes, Umm... Is 4:30 okay at Drexel Hall?"

He smirked, "Yep! I'll see you there."

He licked his lips and walked the other way.

The End

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