The Incident (p4)Mature

I passed out chapter 7 & 9 review packets. I turned to the front of the room.

"The exam is worth 100 points. I want you all to do well. So I'm giving these packets out 2 weeks before the exam. If you jump back to  the last page, you'll see I have an extra credit essay that is worth 15 points. I want the essay to be detail and argumentative."

"Professor DaSilva?" said a student by the name of Tara. "Will the extra credit be apart of the test?"

"Yes, the points will be added to your final exam score." I replied.

There was a strong knock at the door.

Professor Cameron Sharpp peeked his head in.

I was surprised to see him.I turned to him and asked: "Hello Professor Sharpp. I'm not done with class yet."

He replied, "Your class should have ended six minutes ago, and I need the room to be prep for my lecture."

I looked at the clock, and I was really ten minutes over.

"Oh Professor Sharp, I apologize." I turned to the class, "Sorry guys, that was my fault. You're dismissed!"

I started to rush, "Any questions, you know my office hours or just shoot me an email! See you guys next week! Have a great weekend!"

Professor Sharpp pushed in a cart with supplies on it, and two students brought bags in. I was a little embarrassed.

"Sorry again Cameron." I muttered.

"Denise, its okay, You're passionate about teaching. I saw you taking care of your students." He replied.

Professor Sharpp's students started to fill the seats of the classroom.

He then replied, "I need to talk to you later, about the elevator incident."

"Incident?" I thought... and then out loud I replied, "Yes, I think that's best."

"Will you be in your office, later?"

"Yes, I will! I'll see you there! Bye," I said as I walked out of the room. I kept the strong woman image up but on the inside I was petrified.

I closed the door. I waved to a couple of people in the hallway. I left that building. I was holding in my composer. I was on my way to my office, in the next building over.

"Denise!" said Bre.

"Bre! What are you doing here?" I said.

Bre answered: "Right! I'm always on the west side of campus, but since its almost noon. I was headed to your office, so we can go to lunch! I know your dry ass probably packed lunch. Some tired-ass peanut butter and jelly sandwich or some bull shit like that."

Denise and Bre started laughing.

I replied, "I didn't bring lunch, I only have some orange juice and an fruit salad because I have papers to grade for my next class at 2."

"Papers! Papers! Always grading some papers!" Bre said while she made motions with her hands.

Denise rolled her eyes and replied, "I'm a professor! Bre..."

Bre interrupted, "Is that Will over there?"

"What is he doing here?" said Denise.

Denise and Bre walked over to Will.

Will ran over to Denise, "Denise! You know I love you right?!"

I rolled my eyes, and said, "Oh lawd! What is it now?"


The End

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