My Circle (p3)Mature

My friends are so goofy. After my adventurous day at the university, they rushed over for the details.

My girls are:

Laura Ann: My twin sister; I think she is prettier than me. Hips are a little wider, but she's got a bomb ass personality. She is also my sorority sister.

Kory: A woman that is comfortable in herself. She is Caucasian and engaged. She is my sorority sister.

Eve: My best friend since sophomore year in college. Eve is a natural chick. African American. A cute fro with a cute personality. She makes her own jewelry, sexy! Just received her Masters' Degree

Toya: My best friend since junior year in college. Very straight forward person. African American. Very sexy. Boss woman. Owns her business. High standards.

Bre: A good friend from college. Very funny and flirty person. She is Puerto-Rican. She's in school for her masters degree.

Will: My only male best friend. He isn't gay, and very sexy. I would date him, if he wasn't such a whore. But we have a good time together.

I love my friends.

ANYWAY! (Back to the story)

All of them practically took over my apartment except Will. Hmph! Probably out sexing some girl.

"Denise! Oooh girl! How was the kiss?" Said Bre.

Toya and Eve made themselves a plate of my food. I grabbed my plate and sat next to Bre on the couch.

"It was amazing!! His lips are so juicy."  I said.

Toya interrupted, "Soooo! How did this start?!"

Laura Ann turned down the volume of the television. Kory grabbed something to drink from my fridge.

"We were walking to the elevator and I was in front of him. I guess he wasn't paying attention, because I bent down to pick up some items that I dropped." I said.

The girls listened with intensity.

I continued, "Well he walked right into me and then it was awkward. Cause I felt him."

Eve interjected, "You felt him!?!"

I continued, "It was massive!"

We burst into laughter. They all started to talk at once.

"Cameron got a big dick!"

"Damn Professor!!"

"That man is fucking sexy! I want to jump on that dick, Denise!!"

"Oooooo YESSSS!"

"I would lick him from head to toe!"

I interrupted, "GIRLS!! CHILL!"I giggled. "Will you let me finish?"

Laura Ann said, "Shhh!! Shhh!! Let her finish!"

I giggled, "Thanks La! Soo! I didn't move, when I felt it. I looked  to my left & right, and didn't see any body around. I stood up slowly. And he saw me bite my lip as I walked into the elevator. He stopped in front of the elevator, and he looked a little nervous. But then I signal him to come in with me."

The girls burst with laughter and comments again.


"You a freak!!!"

"That's my girl!!! Get you a man!"

"Fuck a man, she's getting some sex!!!"

"Denise, is a freak jawn!!"

I interrupted, "Chill! I had a moment of weakness. And I like him. Kinda..."

"Kinda! You let him touch yo ass! Girl" said Kory,

Eve said, "Right! He gave you a hickey. Look at her neck!"

Toya said, "I was wondering why you were wearing a scarf. It ain't even cold!"

Laura Ann pulled Denise's scarf off and the girls were shocked about the size of the passion mark on Denise's neck.

Bre said, "Damn he fucked the shit out of your neck."

I grabbed my scarf back from my sister and put it around my neck again. I rolled my eyes. I walked over to my dining room table and sat down with my papers.

The girls stayed in the living room and giggled about Denise and Cameron.

Kory walking into the dining room.

"So Dee, what are you planning to do." said Kory.

I said, "I don't know. Act like nothing happen and keep playing the game. Now I don't mean to be a bitch. But my show is coming on at 10pm, and I'm going to bed at 11. So you bitches gotta leave!"

Eve said, "Why we gotta be bitches?"

I glared at her and giggled, "Fine, can the lovely ladies leave my apartment!"

They left a couple of minutes later, and I cut off all the lights, and walked into my bedroom.

The End

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