Amazing (p2)Mature

I had an amazing day today. Classes went great! Meeting went dry as usual, but nothing to complain about. Cameron kissed me in the elevator like an over sexed fantasy, but it was amazing!

I spread all my notes and student assignments over my dining room table. I walked into the kitchen with my hair tied into a ponytail, pajamas and my Elmo slippers on. Its only 7:40pm and I just got home from work. On Thursdays, I teach a night class from 5:05pm to 6:55pm, I have no idea why I decided to do that.

I live not far from the University, but I have a semi-good reputation with the students, so at least the students don't bother me at home.

Grilled chicken Florentine on the stove. I miss cooking for two but I'm really starting to get into cooking for myself again. I love the bowtie pasta noodles, they're so cute!

I started to slice thin strips of white meat chicken when a knock at the door scared the shit out of me.

No one comes to visit me! I'm not even sure my friends know where I live.

I tipped-toed behind the door, and I grabbed my steel bat. I did a quick peek through the peek hole because I didn't want to be obvious.


As soon as I hear that voice, I know who it is. I rolled my eyes, and put the bat back behind the door. I gently open the door.

The End

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