Teach Me SexyMature

He slammed me against the elevator wall. It finally happened, the sexual tension has exploded! I pressed the red button to stop the elevator from moving. Our lips are the perfect puzzle. Everything is connecting. He hugged me tightly, and slipped his hands down my skirt. His warm hands grabbed my booty, really tight. My head jerked back and a moan crept out my mouth. He started to suck on my neck, my right hand cupped his head as he went back and forth on my neck. My left hand grabbed his pants, and I felt his huge bulge. My eyes were barely open as I stared at the ceiling and enjoy this sensation. He pushed me off of him. I fell against the other wall.

I turned and looked at him. He utter, "I finally got you. Denise, you talk a lot of shit."

I chuckled,  as I readjusted myself and then said, "Boy, you've wanted me since you walked into my office, a couple of months ago. And so what, I play a tough game, I always have, and always will."

He walked over to me, and he caressed my cheek.

"I want you!" He whispered in my ear.

The elevator started to move again, and I picked up my purse. I pushed  button 6. The doors open to the 6th floor. No one was at the entrance.

"Well, you have to work harder if you want all of me! So, if you don't mind, I'm going to continue to talk my shit, and play my game, and let's see if you..."

He kissed me in midway sentence.

"Have a good day at work, miss!"

The elevator door closed. As soon as it closed, and I heard it moving again. I dropped the charade.

"OMG!!! HE KISSED ME!!!" I screamed!

I didn't know how to feel but excited! I went right for my cellular device, and called my girlfriends.

It was a bittersweet moment after talking to them. I've been wanting and liking Cameron since he came to this university. He is a professor  like me at Green Lock University (GLU).  He came here maybe like six months ago, and he hasn't took his eyes off me. We flirt sometimes, but I usually keep my distance because I was dating my now-to-be ex-boyfriend, but I always kept an eye on him. I've been at this university for almost four years, and I'm blessed. I am the only African American female on the faculty, but there are four other strong African American men there too.

Now that I don't have a boyfriend I can focus on myself. I walked down the steps, headed to my classroom and I saw him again. A student walked up to him, and ask him a question. His lips, his chest, ugh I'm fantasizing again, ugh I gotta get to class! I walk towards the door, and our eyes meet. He smiled, and I turned my head as if I didn't see him, "Gotta keep the game going strong."

The End

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