Wait? That's Where You're Going to End it?Mature

“I’m sorry,” Brittany began, bashful and ashamed.

“Okay! I admit it, I did it! I killed Alonzo Bellini! I’m a murderer! Me! I! MURDER! Just look; I stole the tea bags before Lucas got here! I caused Alonzo’s brain to explode,” she said, throwing her boiling hot mug of tea to her left and splashing it down Bellini's torso. Reaching down into her top, she pulled miles and miles of tea bags from her bra, throwing them into the air like confetti. “I’m a murderer! I’m going to jail, but if I’m going down, I’m taking you with me! Lucas drank some of the tea! There was some left and he drank the rest! He’s a part of it! We’re both murderers!”

Lucas shook his head rapidly, “Penny! PENNY!”

“What!?” she snarled and the room went silent. Lucas pointed, and Madam Penny followed his gaze.

Alonzo Bellini thrashed violently in his chair, snapping out of his shock. As the boiling hot magma water that had been pelted at him by the distraught Madam Penny seeped through his shirt, he found his voice under a loud, sharp breath. Then, somewhere outside of the building, a flock of crows fled from the branches of an oak tree as his screams pierced the air.


The End

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