Mama MiaMature

While the awkward minutes passed, the tiny selection of tea bags soon were whittled down, and the two found each other fidgeting in their seats, trying desperately to stare anywhere else but at the person in front of them. Penny jumped as the door cracked open again.

“Cazzo… pom!” a raucous voice and a booming bark snapped through the green room, causing a stir, “Can you believe this, bro? Just because my dog took one tiny shit they disqualified me! Mama mia.”

Alonzo Bellini was a mountainous Italian man, built from 99 per cent muscle, 1 per cent bone. He had a big, round bald head, and had gotten surprisingly far in the dog show with his cheap k-mart suit. His eyes were hollow, his nose was long and his chin was small, giving him a peculiar look, like an eagle. His very presence filled the room with the scent of garlic and spices.

Dropping the lead of his big brown Wolf-Hound, Boobles, he strode across the room, saying, “I have to chill.” Then, as he peered into the box where the tea bags were supposed to be, his breath flittered down and stuttered, “What the shit?”

“Are you going to be alright?” Frump inquired, sliding sideways to sit on the seat closer to the door.

“No, I’m not going to be alright! This is an outrage! An absolute outrage! First, they shove us into this tiny room just to add insult to injury. Fuck this shit! They can’t even give us the dignity of leaving out the free tea were promised! We were promised free tea!” his breath began to wheeze and as he screamed, his voice shook even more, straining over the ear-piercing howls and barks of the dog Boobles, “We were promised free tea! What am I supposed to drink, milk? You want me to drink milk by itself?! You want me to drink milk by itself?” and at that, he took one last exasperated gulp of air, before collapsing to the ground in a heap. Boobles stopped barking too, whining and flattening himself on the floor.

The End

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