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The bell finally rang, so Damara and I said good by and went different ways to our first class. When I arrived at my classroom, Damara's voice was still ringing in my head, so I banged my head with a fist to try and force it out.

I slid my backpack onto the back of my chair, and lied my head down in my arms on the desk, closing my eyes in the process. With out knowing how much  time had passed, I suddenly felt a hand softly nudge me.

Looking up I saw a girl smiling brightly down at me, so I smiled back. The girls name was Poppy. She was five foot seven, with light brown, almost blond hair that reached just beyond her shoulders. Flowing smoothly and lightly behind her ears, her hair supplied an extra background color to the black, glistening stud diamond earrings she was wearing. Her face was smooth and virtually make-up free, which made her gray-blue eyes stand out from behind the thin layer of glass held up by a frame which rested on her ears.

The dark black hoodie blended into the pants which covered her legs. A zipper down the front of the hoodie was zipped up to just past her collar bone. Since she had it zipped up, I couldn't tell what shirt she was wearing, but knowing her, I assumed she was wearing a black or dark colored shirt. Still extended out towards me were her slightly short fingers, that ended with fingernails painted a dark green color.

"How are you sleepy head?" Poppy asked in a teasing voice. I faintly smiled back in reply and yawned. After seeing that I wasn't going to respond she tried another question. "So, have any good dreams lately?"

I stretched and then looked over at the clock; there was one minute until school began. Turning my head slowly back to Poppy, I replied with: "No, I don't really have dreams all that often any more."

"I wonder why that is." Poppy questioned staring off into the distance.

"It probably has to do with the fact that I didn't get any sleep last night." I said smiling a little wider this time.

The End

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