I fell down onto my bed in exhaustion, without even taking off my shoes. I was too tired to get out of my clothes, or to get under the covers, so I just fell asleep where I was. A few minutes later, I got woken up to the sound of ambulance sirens passing my room. The lights that followed illuminated every corner with interchanging blue and red colors, but quickly faded as they sped off into the distance.

"I wonder  what happened." I said, smiling to my self.

I closed my eyes again only to jump in shock of my alarm clock going off. With a groan, I got up and turned my alarm off to get ready for the upcoming, long school day. I shuffled over to my bathroom, and twisted the handle of the shower only enough to get the water pressure up. I jumped into the cold stream of water coming out of the shower head, and immediately waking up the rest of the way, I turned the knob so that the water would get steamy.

After I was ready for the day, I walked out of my room, and bumped into my little brother. He was shorter than your average eleven year old, and definitely looked younger. His hair was colored a dirty blond, and was ruffled all over the place, meaning he had probably just gotten out of bed. 

"Whoa, sorry Jake." I exclaimed in surprise. Jake just muttered and continued walking down the hall.

I got a doughnut out of the cupboard, grabbed my backpack, and headed out the door. I walked everyday to school, because I don't like the people on the school bus that was assigned to my general area. Not that I'm complaining, walking is healthier anyway. At about half a mile left to school (from a walk that is a total of 15 miles) I could see the old boringly beige brown structure I called the school building. From where I was walking the sun, just peaking over the horizon, was glaring off the 4 stories of windows, and was blinding me.

When I got to school, I still had an hour to kill before the first bell rang. I walked down the empty halls, deep in thought, when a sound caught me attention. It wasn't anything big, or scary, but was a faint sound, barely audible above the sound of the heater warming up the school. It sounded like something crawling around so I dismissed it as a mouse scurrying around, and continued walking. 

I barely got two steps further when a girl, about two months older than me, popped up out of nowhere.

 I recognized her to be my closest friend, Damara."Where did you come from?" I shouted as I jumped back in surprise.

Damara had light blond hair, which flowed past her rib cage. Her emerald eyes squinting slightly in a smile which peered into my own. The slightest of dimples were showing on both of her cheeks. She was wearing a dark blue  blouse, and a matching jacket. Her pants were slightly lighter than the rest of her clothes, and her shoes were mostly black.

"I finally got to sneak up on you!" Damara laughed triuphantly, completely ignoring my question. "I almost got caught, but you didn't even think about looking up! I was right above you when you heard that sound, which was me, by the way. I was walking along the piping, when I slipped and barely caught myself before I fell to the floor."

"Well, that explains the mouse-like sound I heard." I said losing interest on the subject. I started walking again, listening to Damara drone on and on about how "ninja" she was. When she couldn't find anything else to say on the subject, she started talking about other random subjects that I paid no attention to, and I dreaded how long we still had until school began.

The End

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