I sat on the hard, plastic chair in the waiting room, sat upright not daring to lounge, eyes fixed upon the floor. The ticking of the clock seemed to reverberate the silence in the room. I was dully aware of the surroundings, the size of the room, the colour of the walls and the furnishings, but I could feel the presence of people in the room. It made me nervous, very nervous. My heart  was beating so fast it threatened to jump out of my chest, and my palms, they were so damp I could almost feel the moisture slide down my skin in tiny droplets, I started to blush. This made me feel even more embarrassed. I didn't want anybody to look at me and  certainly did not want anybody to talk to me, even my mum who was sat next to me, patiently for our names to be called. I didn't want to be in this situation, I wanted to kick my legs and scream like a little child, and beg to be taken home right this instant, but I couldn't, I was trapped. 

"Eva Goddard" a female voice gently called from somewhere across the room. I could feel my mum jumping up to make it known we were here. "Come on, Eva" she said a little roughly, gently commanding me to do as i was told. I slowly stood up, eyes not leaving the cream carpet, and followed the legs which belonged to my mum. I could feel the eyes of the other patients who were still waiting to be seen to burn into me. I felt disgustingly aware of myself. My breathing had gotten deeper and faster, my heart beating wildly like never before. I was taken into a small room, I bravely took a peep around to see that it was a very comfortable space. The room was lit by the afternoon sun rays, gloriously shining through the large open window, ricocheting off all four walls. A desk stood in the centre of the room, covered in neatly placed stationary and in front of the desk there was a sofa, it was large and covered in a rich, plum fabric. 

"Please, take a seat, thank you for coming today" the lady said, directing us to the sofa, "I'm Dr Harvey, but please, call me Joanna" she smiled. Her voice was soft and calming, almost reassuring. I noticed she was very pretty, she had long blonde hair which was tied in a neat pony tail, trailing down just below her shoulders. She had bright, blue eyes with criminally long lashes and a figure you would die for. Her petite curves were dressed in a black, knee length skirt and powder blue polo neck jumper. She was immaculately dressed, making me feel even more inadequate. 

The End

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