The piercing chill of the mid-winter night bit at my lungs as I took a long breath in. Walking back and forth mindlessly, like I do every night as a guard, I suddenly felt like I was being watched. It wasn't the usual camera watching from today's society, but an actual person's eyes trained on me, watching my every move. I was the only guard on duty in that area at the time, and that fact made it even more ominous. Looking around, I came to the conclusion that there was no where for anyone to hide; except for a tiny sliver of a shadow too small to conceal any human.

Around an hour passed before my shift ended, with the feeling of being watched coming and going as it pleased. I had just heard the clang of the reinforced steel bars of the gate close behind me, when a siren went off inside the main building (which everyone called the MB, or Mind Bender. The building was called the Mind Bender, because no one knew what the purpose of the building was; yet some of us still guard it). I swiveled around on my heels as quickly as I could. Jamming my workers card into the electronic slot of the gate, I quickly found that the electricity was cut from the gates; which meant no one could get in, or out.

Suddenly a shadow, nothing more and nothing less, swept across the artificially-lit area. Paralyzed with fear I just stood and watched as the shadow flew over to the guard that had taken my position not even a minute ago. Running in the opposite direction, the guard was oblivious to the creature moving behind him. 

No matter how hard I tried, I could not find my voice; instead all that came out was a soft moaning sound. The shadow stopped at the guards feet and when the guard stepped on it, he writhed in pain. From my position twenty-five feet away, I could hear the guard's neck snapping in half and could see the blood rushing out of his mouth like a crimson waterfall as he fell to the ground. Five more guards burst out of the main double doors, guns loaded and ready to fire at any moving thing they could find. On the wall the shadow flew over to the men without them realizing anything was wrong, as they walked as a group in V formation. Within the next two minutes, all five guards were dead; all of them lying in a gigantic pool of blood.

Without realizing it, I had begun to get tunnel vision and a few seconds later I passed out, falling to the ground unconscious. I woke up to the metallic stench of many men's stale blood mixed with the reek of an explosion. Looking at my watch, I realized that I had only been knocked out for a few minutes; the carnage was none the less astonishing.

I knelt there in the silence, mourning the loss of my friends, when in the middle of the piercing black night, an inhuman voice spoke from in the shadows. "Don't think I forgot you. It's your turn now."

The figure of what appeared to be a human started walking towards me, and the shadows seemed to bend towards the creature as he put one leg out into the light of the fire behind me. as it stepped all the way into the light, I noticed it was dressed and looked like a teenage boy.

He was wearing roughed up black tennis shoes, with the laces reduced to not much more than a thread in some spots. Covering his legs were a pair of shadow-black denim jeans, the openings at the bottom frayed beyond repair. A similarly colored short-sleeve shirt with metallic silver etchings of a pair of feathered wings and a skull in the middle, was all that covered his torso. He didn't look particularly strong with his slightly scarred unimpressive arms, but then again, he did singlehandedly destroy the well guarded MB. His hair was long; just covering his dark brown, almost black, eyes. A terrible smirk, tweaked at the edges of his lips, completed the mischievous look.

I got up in surprise, and fell backwards when I attempted to scoot backwards. My left hand squished into the icy cold river of blood that flowed from my dead comrads behind me. An eerie glimpse of what fate I was about to meet.

The end wasn't what most people would think it would be. It wasn't painful, or anything. No feelings came with it. It was like I watched the scene from a distance, as the boy leaped at me. The scene started to fade as he pulled the blade of what looked like a shadow out of me, and I fell back, my blood joining the others'. The last thing any of us would do something together.

The End

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