Matthew. - Where Is Taylor?Mature

Taylor said she would meet me at midnight near the lake. It's our favourite place to talk and be together. 

I sat down on the rock next to me and watched her go into the house. I can see which rooms she enters, for her house has many large windows. I watch her for so long that I slowly start to fall asleep. Next thing I knew, Taylor was sitting on the edge of her bed crying into her hands! I got up and ran towards her window, I can't sit and watch my love cry! I don't care if her parents see me. 

"Taylor! Taylor, darling!" She looked up from crying. "Down here Taylor. Look out the window." I watched as she approched the window and looked down at me. "Matthew! What are you doing?? If mother sees you..." "I don't care! I cannot see you like this any longer! Tell me what is wrong.", I butt in.

"My sister is lying to me. She said that father is dead."

The End

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