I look at Matthew and smile. "Matthew, I've really got to go. Sorry but mother will kill me if I'm any later. I'm so sorry. Meet you down by the lake at midnight? Great. Got to run my love." I kissed a confused Matthew then I run as fast as I could back to the house.

I sneak through the kitchens and gointo my bedroom, sighing with relief as soon as I sat on the bed. I'm tired! All that running has made me sleepy. I lay back on my bed, catching my breath and thinking about Matthew. I feel so bad about leaving him in such a rush, I hope he understands. I can't wait to see him tonight. I love sneaking out to see him at the lake, it's ever so beautiful at night .  I sit up straight.

I can hear footsteps getting closer to my room! Oh dear, I bet it's mother! Lucinda's  told her about me and Matthew and she's going to beat out my love for him. The footsteps stop outside my door and then in walks Lucinda. A sigh full of relief escapes my lips. She courtseys. "Taylor, I bring you news from of your father. I'm.. I'm so sorry my dear." Lucina always talks to me like I'm of her statues and I like it. She often brings me news on father. Father has gone to fight in the Crimean War and Lucinda updates me on what she has heard from my mother and from other servants of ours.

I look at her with wide eyes. "I'm sorry dearest, but he's died in action. God has taken him from us." A tear rolls down Lucinda's face. The servants love my family and they are treated like a part of ours. The news of my fathers death is sinking in. Tears well up in my eyes, pouring out from them. "No! No! He said he'll be back! He promised me! You're lying! Why do you tell me such lies Lucinda?" I yelled at her and ran out the room, bumping into a woman who held me tight.

My mother rocked my gently, stroking my head, as tears fell from her beautiful face. "It's true my child. He's gone."

The End

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