Taylor's WorldMature

Taylor Sun is just a normal girl. She loves life in Yorkshire. But then on her mothers birthday, everything changes. And what about the love of her life? Everyone says she is to young for love. But are they right?

Taylor lived in an old house, near a little stream in the middle of Yorkshire. She liked it there because everything was always quiet and peaceful. Flowers grew everyday, in all sorts of colours. It varied what colours she would find. If she ventured into the forest, they would usually be night sky blue, but once a year they would turn orange. Taylors favourite colour was orange because it was as bright and magical like the sun. It was a tuesday today. three days away from her mothers birthday. Taylor had bought the perfect gift for her. It was a small silver trinklet box, with a precious crystal heart necklace inside it. Taylor knew her mother would love it.

The forest was undisturbed and perfect for thoughts to come and go. Taylor could sit there for hours in her own frame of mind, this was what she loved. No noise. No others. Alone. Now it was starting to get dark. Taylor picked herself up and ran through the dark forest. As she ran, Taylor swore she heard voices calling to her. She kept running and eventually she saw the bright lights of her home on the horizon. Taylor slowed down to a hault. Then there was the voice again. "Taylor," it called, "wait up my love!" She turned round to find Matthew, sitting on a rock nearby. "I thought I heard your melodic voice. That is reasuring to me." Taylor calmly said.

The End

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