Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter 11: A Familiar Face -Ian

Sleeping, I imagine Taylor's long, black hair flying in the wind. Her piercing green eyes that seem very reckless, yet understanding. I imagine her holding my hand, and walking into S.A.D.'s headquarters, where I know we'll be safe.

"Ian," she says. 

"Ian," she says a bit louder. "Wake up! Wake up!"

I spring out of the bed, eyes wide open. 

"Finally you're up," says an slightly familiar voice. I look at where the voice came from, and I see President Lede standing beside the bed, with two guards to her side. I immediately tense up with fear and anger. 

"What do you want," I ask, which is probably a very stupid question.

"I would like to... discuss some things with you." The way she said discuss made me even more afraid, yet a bit curious.

The End

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