Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter Ten: Spending Time With Dad

We walk through the city, happily undisturbed by the Learks. This city isn't as populated as Deleck, which I'm happy about. We finally watch the cemetery and I stop walking. 

"This is the cemetery where my father was buried", I say, trying to hold in tears. "Can we see him?"

"Yes", he says. We walk through the cemetery looking for my father's grave, we pass by many names like "Evelyn Dess", "Lisa Fosh", and "Don Nerel". 

We walk for what seems like 10 minutes until Ian says, "What was your father's name again?" My father's name. I had almost forgotten it since it's been so long.

"My father's name is Brian. Why?"

"Come over here. I think this is him." I walk over and sure enough, it's him. Brian Hearth. My father. "Hey Taylor. Why didn't you tell me your last name was Hearth?"

"I didn't think about telling you. Why haven't you told me your last name?"

"The same reason." We stand there for a few seconds and he says, "I guess I will let you have your alone time with him." At that, he walks away.

I spend time with my Dad, telling him everything about Ian and I's journey. I tell him I love him and that I miss him. At that, I walk away, looking for Ian.

I look for Ian forever, calling his name. Ian is nowhere to be found.

The End

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