Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter Nine: Our Cover Up

We continue to sprint for a few more seconds, then change into a light jog. We then stop after a few minutes. As we were walking, I started thinking. "Hey Ian?"


"I've been thinking. Next time we run into a Leark, we need an cover-up. We need to pretend as if we're just innocent people who don't have a care in the world."

"Okay. What would it be?"

"Well, all I can think of is to pretend to be a couple."

"Alright, I'm okay with that." 

"Okay", I say, lightly blushing.

We continue walking for a bit longer, until we reach a sign that says "Welcome to Nadel." Wait, Nadel... I think I know this place. This is where my father was buried after he was murdered by those horrid people.

The End

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