Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter Eight: More Trouble

We walk  for miles until we finally stop to rest our legs. We lean against a tree and survey the area. I notice that this city is full of people walking and driving.

"Hey, Ian? What city are we in?", I ask.

"We are in Deleck right now."

"Why are there so many people?"

"This city is very popular for their amusement park and for the tallest building in this whole country." Him saying that immediately makes me think of my father. He was always interested in buildings.

"Oh, okay", I say.

"Get down", he whispers as he pulls me down to a crouch.

"What?", I whisper.

"You see that man, over there?", he says as he points to a man in a business suit.

"Yeah, what about him?"

"He is a Leark in disguise."

"How do you know this?"

"Because, he is one of the Learks I saw when I became one for undercover work. Now, we need to be careful so that he doesn't spot us. We need to move, now", he says as he pulls me behind a bench and across a large field. He looks behind us and says, "Shoot! He's seen us. Hopefully he doesn't realize it's us. Just stay calm and keep walking."

We keep walking for a bit longer, and Ian looks behind us again. "He's following us nonchalantly. We need to get lost in the crowd then run for it", he says as he pulls me into a big crowd. When we get into the middle of the crowd, we sprint down the street and through an alley.Ian looks behind us again and tells me that we lost him. 

Good, trouble is gone. For now.

The End

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