Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter Seven: About Each Other

I immediately open my eyes and I notice that we are in a junk yard. Right now, I am laying in a pile of junk. 

"Ew, why are we here?", I ask Ian. 

"The spell brings us away from danger. At least we are away from danger, "he says calmly.

"Yeah, for now. We could have teleported many other places, and we would be safe, I'm sure."

"Oh, quit being a baby", he says, less calm.

"I'm just saying.."

"I know." I look around as Ian pulls out the map. There are paper plates, broken toys, and anything else you could possibly imagine. "Hey, at least the spell brought us closer to Lyvel city." He points and says, "We need to go that way."

"Okay, but can we get food first?"

"Sure, but we can't be as nonchalant about picking a restaurant." 

We walk out of the junk yard and look walk down the road for a few minutes. Eventually we see a bunch of buildings. I point out a few restaurants, but he says no. So we walk a bit farther, and we notice a gas station with a small fast food restaurant inside. We walk in and order our food. We sit down and wait for them to call our number, 12.

"You know what? We don't know each other much. Mind telling me about yourself?", Ian asks. 

"Sure. Well, my Mom, who is now dead, was the only parent I really grew up with."

"What about your father?"

"During one of the surprise inspections for adults, he hurt his leg running. He tripped and fell and he twisted it really bad. So, the Leark took him to the capital. You know what happened next."

"Oh.. I'm so sorry, Taylor."

"Yeah, it's fine", I say as they call our number. Ian gets up, takes it, and brings it back to us. "So, what about you?"

"What do you mean, what about me?"

"Well, I told you a little bit of myself, so what about yourself? Who did you grow up with?"

"I grew up with my Dad."

"What about your Mom?"

"The Leark took her after her surprise inspection. She had a horrible cough and sometimes there was blood."

"I'm sorry.."

"It's.. Fine."

We finish our food and walk out to get to Lyvel City.

The End

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