Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter Five: The Dream

"We should probably set up camp", Ian says. 

"With what?" I ask. "None of us brought anything except for the clothes on our back."

"No, but I was thinking you could use another spell. Repeat after me. Calekemp Seclatup."

"Okay, Calekemp Seclatup", I say. Nothing happens. 

"Okay, try again. This time, concentrate on the words. Don't just say them, exclaim them. Feel confident while saying them. Now, again. Calekemp Seclatup."

If it worked before it can work again. I try to build my confidence and scream, "Calekmp Seclatup!" I wait a few seconds and suddenly I see a flash of light. After that's gone, I find a tent, a hammock, a fireplace ready to use, and food.

"You go to sleep, I'll take first watch", Ian says. I don't argue as I walk into the tent, lay down and fall asleep.

As I'm asleep, I dream a nightmare. There's an evil voice that makes me shudder and tremble in my sleep. A dark, cold, raspy, sinister voice that I would never have even imagined existed. "We will find you, Taylor", the voice says. "And we we do we will kill you. Your time is near." 

I wake up still shaking. I run out of the tent to find Ian sleeping. "We need to go", I scream, waking him up, trying to pull him along.

"Why?" He asks, heavy eyed as he stops me from pulling him.

"Because... I had a dream", I say, telling him every single detail of my nightmare. The voice. That dark, sinister, just plain evil voice and what it said.

The End

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