Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter Four: The Leark

As we were running though the streets of Aedel, Ian asks if I'm hungry. 

"Are you crazy?" I ask. "We've been on the move for four hours. Of course I'm hungry!"

"Okay then, come with me", he says as he grabs my hand and pulls me into a restaurant called "McKing". We order our food and sit down at a booth. "We need to eat fast or else the Leark will find us."

"The Leark?" I ask. 

"Yes, the Leark. You know those old men in those robes who always give you insections? Well, that's what they're called. Even though President Lede wants Lynto full of normal people, she allows the Leark to keep their special abilities they were born with to help stop those who try to escape during inspection", he says as our food arrives. 

I chow down on my burger and fries and in a matter of time our food is gone. Just as we're about to walk out the door, we see two old men wearing dark-colored robes walking in our direction. 

"Uh-oh", I say as Ian grabs me and runs for the emergency exit. Once we get outside Ian says, "Repeat after me. Tarlois behifo."


"Just do it!"

"Okay fine, Tarlois behifo!" I scream. Suddenly a huge, black, gooey puddle appears behind us. Tar. 

"Good, that should slow them down", Ian says.

"How did I do that?" I ask.

"You're a witch, remember?" He says as we run into a nearby woods. That question didn't need answering. We continue to run for a few more minutes before we stop to take a rest.

The End

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