Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter Three: The Explanation

I continued to run as fast as I possibly could until I could run no longer. I stop at an oak tree and demand the man to tell me what was going on. 

"Well, my name is Ian", he says. "Right now I'm going to protect you until we get to Lyvel City, where you'll be safe."

"Well, Ian, why do I need protection?", I demand. "And why will I be safe at Lyvel City?"

"You need protection because you're different from normal people. The Capital will try to kill you because of President Lede's wish to only have normal people in Lynto. I am part of an organization called S.A.D.S. The Save All Different Souls. You will be safe at Lyvel City because that is where S.A.D.S.'s Headquarters are." I try to make sense of all this.

"Okay, but one more thing. My Mom said I have... Magic. What does that even mean?"

"Well, to put it simply, you are not a normal human being, being able to wield and use the power of magic. Because of that, you are considered to be a witch."

"A.. Witch?", I ask as we begin walking.

"Yes, a witch, but we don't have much time, we need to get going or they'll catch up to us," he says as  he pulls out a map. "Okay so, right now we are here in Aedel and we need to get here. Follow me." I follow him out into the darkness of the night, trying to even slightly understand what had just happened here, and hoping they wouldn't find us.

The End

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