Taylor's Unknown Magic, Chapter Two

In my room, I continue to question what may happen to me.

“I just wish I was better,” I whisper, with a tear rolling down my cheek. I don’t want to leave my mom alone. It’s bad enough they took my father away, but now they’re going to take me away from her!

 “Taylor, dear! The Leark* are here for your inspection,” My Mom yells upstairs as I start to get a strange tingling  sensation in my back. But I don’t have enough time to check it out, because I’m already on my way downstairs.

When I get downstairs, I immediately notice that there are three Leark here, instead of one or two, which is strange. Not pondering on it too much, I look at my Mom who seems worried yet relieve at the same time. Why? Relieved that I’m going to be gone, but she’s worried that she will be alone? Is that why?

This thought makes me pretty mad, so I don’t pay attention to her much. Instead, I ready myself for what’s about to happen. They’re going to see my back right away, take me away, then kill me some horrible or not horrible way. I’m going to go with horrible because I want to be ready for the worst.

“Honey,” My Mom says. “These are the Leark, and they will be doing your inspection today.” Pretty self-explanatory, so I have no idea why she had to tell me that.

The Leark then take me into our inspection room, (our basement). 

*The Leark are President Lede's little minions. They are the only one's who are allowed to be her definition of "un-normal". They go to each house once every year to give people the inspections. If the people getting the inspections "aren't normal" then they are transported to the Capital, where they are killed according to what isn't normal about them.

The End

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