Taylor's Unknown Magic

Taylor's Unknown Magic.

I wake up to a loud knock on the front door. Oh man, I think. Oh man, oh man, oh man! I spring out of my bed and run to the bathroom.

I lift up my shirt, revealing my somewhat deformed and bruised back.

“Oh no,” I say. “What am I going to do? They’re here! No no no, this can’t be happening! Why can’t my back be like, magically healed or something?”

It happened just a few days ago.

I was sitting up in my room, bored, as my Mom asked me to help her move the television. My answer was yes, of course. As I was walking up the steps, the television in my hands, I slipped on an old toy and fell down the stairs, the TV on top of me.

I open the cabinet and find some makeup. I then apply some of it to my back, hoping that they wouldn’t notice.

 Walking back to my room, I start getting extremely worried and quite scared. I start thinking about what they might do to me when they finally get me. Oh, why does the president have to do this?

President Lede, that is. Or, Jolyn Lede, if you want to go by her full name. You see, once she became the president of Lynto, things became more “normal”. She started making people get 'inspections'. A man, or two, come to your house every 3 months, to check on your health, physical features, and they make you say strange things. If you're deformed anywhere, you're not healthy, or if anything happens as you say those words,  then you get taken to the capital, where you get killed. That's why these men are here. 

The End

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