Jennifer's Phone Call

The phone was ringing. Should she answer it? It was probably the police. She could easily answer it and hear an operator tell her that her son was found in the woods, dead. Still, fear running through her veins, she answered the phone.

            “Hello?” she questioned cautiously.

            “Hey honey!” a man’s voice came through the line, “Is he coming? It’s been a month, you don’t think he’s--“

            “No! He’s not dead! I know it! Taylor and I may have the same problem, but he is not dead!”

            “Jennifer, calm down! I was just going to ask if you think that he’s lost. Don’t you think you should’ve gone with him?”

            “Oh, I wanted to go with him, but it was in both of our best interests for me to stay here. Our visions are better, less horrifying, without each other. Now, we don’t have to take care of each other when the disease gets worse. I hate it, but it’s better this way.”

            “OK, I’m keeping my eyes on the news though, just in case. Bye Jennifer.”

            “Bye dad.”

            She waited to hear him hang up and the dial tone to start before she put down the phone. When she put it down on the receiver an odd scent came wafting into the room.

            What is that? she wondered It smells familiar, but only faintly? I know what it is! What is it?

            It came to her when she turned her head to the kitchen.

            Smoke! I must have put a hot pad on the burner when I went to pick up the phone!

            Sure enough flames were licking at the square cloth placed upon the burner. She quickly ran to the kitchen, grabbed a large cup, and went to fill it with water. Jennifer turned the handle on the faucet, but no water came out. She twisted it both ways, but nothing she did would cause water to come out of the sink.

            Disheartened she spun on her heel to face the fire. As she spun she felt her elbow hit a bottle of some sort. A can of cooking spray fell over, and rolled onto the cloth. A loud popping filled her ears as the can, and its contents, exploded.
            Drops of liquid flame flew in all directions, some hitting Jennifer herself. She screamed in pain as her clothes and skin began to burn. The ringing of the smoke detector filled her ears, and the stench of burning flesh entered her nose, suffocating her. Darkness clouded her eyes, and she could feel her heart losing energy, struggling to pump in her chest. All alone in the kitchen Jennifer passed out.

            Three hours later she woke up, staring at the fluorescent light. The smoke alarm no longer shrieked, and all the smoke and flames were gone. Slowly she got up and looked at her stove. Sitting on one of the burners was the pot she set to boil. Next to it, on the counter, was the hot pad she had planned to use later. The dial to control the stove was set to 0, none of it had happened.

            You’re fine Jennifer, calm down. It was just a vision. Taylor’s gone, they’ll get better now.

            But, was that true? Did she believe that this time? No. She didn’t believer it. Taylor’s visions were probably getting worse as well, and like her, he had nobody to be comforted by.

            I shouldn’t have let him go alone! I have to find him! I have to go with him! If he dies it’s my fault!

            Jennifer raced down the hallway to her room. Not bothering to turn the knob she hit the door with her shoulder. It crashed off its hinges to the floor. She ran straight to her dresser and started pulling out the drawers. Clothes piled up around her, as she began to make piles to pack.

            Out of the closet she got a suitcase and brought it to her bed. Jennifer stuffed the clothes haphazardly into it and zipped it up. She was in a hurry, but she needed to do one last thing before she left.

            She ran into the dining room and searched the floor. The loose board creaked as she lifted it out of its position. Bills of money spilled out and she dug more of the hidden cash out of the floor. There was at least $1000 dollars beneath her dining room.

            Jennifer took her purse, and dumped the items it held. Rushing, she took the money she had hidden away, and threw it into the bad. From the floor she picked up her wallet and opened it. She fumbled getting her license and credit cards out, but managed to get them into her purse. After checking to make sure her cell phone was in her pocket she got up and made her way to the garage.

            With only one suitcase and a purse full of money Jennifer started her car. It would be too hard to find Taylor on her own, especially at night, she needed Dan’s help. Down the street she sped praying for her son.

            The rain began to fall as soon as the old car got turned on. Soon, it turned into a full blown storm. Gusts of wind pushed at Jennifer’s vehicle and it slid recklessly through puddles on the road.

            At the first intersection another car pulled out in front of her. Brakes screeched as Jennifer slammed the pedal to the floor, but it was no use. Her car slipped on the water and spun into the other. Upon impact Jennifer’s vehicle flipped and continued to roll off the road. Her trunk opened as she moved and her overstuffed suitcase flew out. Inside the car her purse tumbled spilling money throughout the car,

            From all directions glass shattered, sending shards into Jennifer. Blood poured from her body and gushed out in bursts as she rolled. Soon everything in the car was covered with deep red, almost black, blood.

            The door on the other car opened and out ran a man in a suit, miraculously alive. He ran to Jennifer’s car to see if she was still alive. As soon as he saw the car though, he realized nobody could help her. The woman inside was coated in blood, surrounded by a pool of it, in which money was soaking. He assumed she had died on impact, but was proven wrong.

            At that moment the eyes of the woman flashed open and she say the man. She opened her mouth wide in fear. A long terrified scream rang through the traffic over the sounds of horns and sirens. Terrible gagging soon overtook Jennifer and blood issued from her mouth. Her eyes clouded over and she became limp. This time she was dead. It wasn’t a hallucination, it was real.

The End

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