TK 2: 2

We split up once we'd collected our luggage in search of food.

I chose a young athletic looking man with black hair and green eyes behind glasses, whose thoughts were in English but ... American English - I could hear the accent and see American spellings of words in his mind.

I walked boldly up to him and said "Sir, would you mind showing me where the exit is?"

"No, of course not," he said, in his cool accent, before leading me through some corridors to the exit. He pulled his suitcase behind him. I caught from his thoughts that he was going home. Good, I wasn't making him miss his plane.

He pointed out through the doors. I looked then looked back at the man shyly. Keith his name was.

"I'm a bit scared of waiting outside on my own - I've never been to America before."

The man looked confused. "You don't know me - I could be a pedophile or a murderer."

"Surely not," I replied. "The American people are so nice."

The man looked sympathetic. He obviously thought I needed looking after, which was great because the better he thought of me now, the better he'd think of me after the trance I'd induce to drink his blood. "Okay then."

We stepped outside. I suddenly looked him straight in the eye. He was under my power before he could blink.

I led him around to a dark shadowy corner where there were no CCTV cameras, enjoying the sound of the compliant yet wordless hum of his thoughts.

Something I enjoyed even more though, was sinking my fangs into his soft neck. It was blissful as his delicious warm blood ran down my throat. It was too soon before his heart was beating slowly enough for me to be concerned. I reluctantly lifted my head, ended the trance, taking care to wipe his mind and sent him back inside believing he'd come outside for a breath of fresh air.

I located Darren by the feel of his thoughts. He met me halfway and together we left, smiling broadly at each other as we shared the memories of our dinner.

The End

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