Taylor Kensington 2

Taylor is married to Darren now. But is everything really tied up as neatly as she'd like to think?


Taylor Claric. It sounded good but extremely weird. I don't know why it should: I had had the name for a few years now. It always gave me a sense of pride when I thought of my name, as well as a warm sensation in my heart and a feeling that I was special... and Darren's. I would always be his with this surname.

He had finished reading History and even done a course to become a teacher now. We were now about to move to America where I could find out how the education system worked and experience something different to the various secondary schools and sixth form colleges in the UK I had attended. After doing my first set of A-level subjects (English Literature, French, Maths and Spanish), I had wanted to learn Psychology, Further Maths, A-level Chemistry and Italian (which I had had to learn from scratch); and then I had wanted to study English Language and Literature (to see how it differed from English Literature on its own), Drama, Latin and German (the last two of which I had also had to learn from scratch).

I was certainly going to excel in a few subjects across the big pond. I had even heard somewhere that the last two years of high school were slightly easier than A-levels. Good. I wasn't going to have to worry about working hard when I wanted to have a good time with Darren. Except, that he would have lots of marking to do ...

At least some of my time would be spent paying him back the massive fees my education had cost him. The first school had been a state school, so that had been free, but the private school I had attended to afterwards (upon Darren's request - apparently he wanted me to see other sides of the education system too) and the sixth form college had cost five grand a term! I was going to be working as a journalist for the local newspaper (produced by a company Darren had hypnotised the members of to allow me to write, no questions asked), which I was sure I would find extremely interesting and enjoyable.

All of these experiences... I almost felt like I was laughing at the people who couldn't do so much, who could only attend one school, couldn't get work so easily. I suppose I was being deprived of university (a place where it would be impossible to stop everyone growing suspicious at the fact that I didn't age) but instead, I would be getting a life of whatever I wanted. After I had finished this school, and maybe attended another, I vowed I would do charity work; to give something back to the world which had given me so much.

Darren would be by my side wherever life took us. He would make anything that went wrong better again. He had taken me from my old life, but given me a new existence that I would be ungrateful to resent him for. I had much to be happy about. 

So now we were landing at Miami airport, six weeks before the start of the new 'semester' and life was about to get exciting.

One thing the two of us desperately needed was blood.

The End

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