From Place to Place

People were quickly rushing past her.

She could tell by the lighting it was evening, but the intense crowds and chaos of the entire place prevented her from knowing anything. Was she lost? Did she need to be somewhere?

Someone ran into her from behind hurling her to the dirty concrete. Sitting up a little bit to examine her scraped knees, she noticed a locket on the ground. Bringing it to her lap to more closely examine it, it was suddenly lost from her grasp once again as someone fell against her. She had to get out of this place, though she desperately wanted to regain that locket. Searching the ground and avoiding being trampled for a while, she gave up and decided to try to place where she was.

Standing firmly again, she moved as quickly as she possibly could through the throng of people until she stood near a giant billboard advertising the Phantom of the Opera. Wait, I know this place! I lived in the apartment building ten miles west of here until I was five years old!

She was in Times Square!

At least she knew where she was. From here, she needed to get out. Find her parents, find her sister... Wait... I don't live here anymore! Where are the palm trees, the beaches, the seagulls... Florida was her new home. Why am I here?

A flash of confusion and all of a sudden she was surrounded by palm trees and could see a beach in the distance... But it wasn't Florida.

This is where she went to elementary school after her dad was transferred to a separate facility for his company. This was San Fransisco.

All of a sudden she was surrounded by her old friends from San Fransisco... They were so excited to see her! It had been so long! But before she could reach out to give any of them a hug or a kiss, she was whirled away once more.

Now she was surrounded by sand... But it wasn't a beach. There were cacti everywhere, and a lizard creeped by. Oh, she was fond of this place. Particularly fond. She was in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade here. Her favorite memories were made in Arizona.

She loved the people, the wildlife, the gorgeous desert... She loved everything about this place. She was more saddened leaving here than anywhere else.

And than she jolted as her little sister coaxed her awake.


The End

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