Above the Earth... Back to Earth

This is so stupid. I'm losing time thinking about a guy I know only in my subconscious. She'd be focusing so hard in a class... than find herself moments later with her head cocked on her left arm, a cheery smile spread below peacefully closed eyes. Tavia sighed and straightened up at her desk, trying to focus on the teachers monotonous words. Still listening, she scanned the room in hopes that the boy of her dreams (pun intended) was simply a random boy she sees everyday but had never given thought to.

She stopped. I don't want to know if I know him. If she knew him, he obviously didn't mean very much to her. She would have known the second she woke up. She didn't want the sweetness of the night before to be ruined by discovering that the protagonist of the dream meant nothing to her.

She returned to her daze postition, remembering another scene of the dazzling dream.

There was a long hallway... nothing but white walls, white floors, and white ceilings. Anxiety immediately set in... Lots of space, and no escape. Than she saw him again, behind her to her right. He wasn't phased by the vacuum of space. He offered a reassuring smile, understanding Tavia's nerves. Clasping her hand, he began leaping as he had in the water on the beach, her trailing behind him. One big leap, and they were through the ceiling... which actually wasn't a ceiling at all, but simply a layer of thick white clouds. Once atop the "ceiling," Tavia lost her breath. They stood upon a cloud, overlooking rolling holls, valleys, lakes, colorful trees, the orange sun setting over the distant sea. Surrounded by sky tones of pink, purple, baby blue, and golden rays, Tavia let out a girlish screech, not knowing what to do with all this joy she felt. The boy smiled, leading her from cloud to cloud. He stopped at one substantially softer than the others, and layed her down comfortably.

He innocently layed beside her, lovingly holding only her hand. Stars were beginning to appear.

"Tavia? Did you hear me?"  Yes, that miserable moment when the teacher asks her student a question knowing the student is helplessly dozing off. "Um... Could you repeat the question?" Jerked back to reality. Tavia began looking forward to climbing into bed about twelve hours from than.

The End

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