Dreaming beneath the Shimmery Sky

Tavia jolted awake. Had she really fallen asleep? On the roof? In 40 degree weather? She giggled a little bit and scooted toward her windowsill to see the black digital clock setting atop her desk in her bedroom... 3:00 AM. She had been asleep on the roof for four hours... Four peaceful, blissful hours. Dreams are always sweeter when sleeping in strange places, she thought. 

How did I not fall off? Her roof was far from flat... She could have rolled over and toppled right onto the cement patio below. She smiled again... But she hadn't!

She pulled her knees into her chest and hugged them tightly as she rubbed her frozen feet. My nail polish is chipping. Why do girls bother painting their nails? If God had wanted my nails to be hot pink, He would have made them hot pink. But she knew she'd just repaint them hot pink again in the morning. Maybe add some sparkles, just to amuse herself.

One last glance at the shimmery night sky, Tavia ducked her head below the familiar windowsill. Her foot caught the ledge and she toppled inside, tumbling onto her trustworthy bed. Hoping the sound of her clumsiness hadn't waken anybody, she forced the window shut before scurrying beneath the welcoming covers. Hoping to relive the beautiful dream she had experienced on the roof, she closed her eyes, attempting to remember the face of the boy who had in five minutes of her unconsciousness... stolen her heart.

The End

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