What I Saw That Morning Will Never Leave My Mind.
Every Night Before That Night I Had Gone Out Drinking, I Would Drink Until I Was The Drunkest I Could Be, Most Times I Couldn't Even See Straight. Everyone Knew Our Relasionship Was Rocky, Well, When I Say Rocky, I Mean I Beat Her. She Was Never The Girlfriend That I Wanted But I Needed Her For The Money And Her House. But When I Came Home One Day And Saw Her Dead, I Didn't Even Notice.

The Morning After And I Had The Worst Hangover. 
 "Honey! Come Here!" I Yelled Through The House, I Had Collapsed On Our Springy Double Bed After I Had Came Home.
Where Is That Bitch? I Asked, Dragging Myself Off The Bed. I Stumbled Down The Stairs And Called Her Again. No Answer. This Wasn't Like Her.
I Put The Kettle On In The Kitchen, While I Took Some Aspirin.

I Felt A Little Better After That. I Rubbed My Sore Head, Shuffling Into The Living Room. Thats When I Saw Her. At First, I Only Saw Her Body, Lying Down On The Sofa, It Looked Like She Was Watching TV. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Was On, Why Was She Watching That? I Puzzled, She Was Never One To Watch Things To Do With Money, It Made Her Feel Bad About Herself, Even I Knew That.

Then I Saw Her Face, Only, It Didn't Look Like A Face. Someone Had Obviously Murdered Her. It Looked Like A Razor-Sharp Knife Had Traced Around Her Eye-Sockets, Her Nose, Her Mouth And Her Hairline. Her Once Dazzling Blue Eyes Were Now No-Where To Be Seen, The Ripped Flesh Gave The Impression It Was Done Quickly And With No Mercy.
Her Face Still Showed The Fear And Pain She Felt As The Smooth Blade Quickly Cut Across Her Skin.
Whoever Had Killed Her Had Done A Very Clean Job Of It, It Seemed Like.

I Couldn't Call The Police, Everyone Knows That I Beat Her, They Would Obviously Accuse Me. I Was Too Shocked To Pick Up The Phone Too.

The End

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