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Nothing hurts more than a broken heart....trust me i know.
I was six, when i saw my dad bring home another women. His excuse was that she was a buisness partner, and wanted to come over.
Mom went crazy, and cut up his favorite shirt. He was so mad when he found his blue shirt that his friend who died, cut up to shreds. That night, all i heard was them yelling.
Maybe a month later, my mom brought home some random guy, and my dad was hurt. My dad left to go to a friends house. Hours after my dad left, I heard a big bang against the wall late at nigh. I walked in and saw that my mom was knocked out. After my mom was knocked out,
the guy left. 
Trust me when i say that nothing hurts more than a broken heart.

----------------------------------- -------------------

It's my 2nd day of high school, and i don't think anything will happen to me. Well, nothing will happen to me exciting. American studies was no different, except that the guy that never speaks....was gone. That was th eonly difference.
The question of the day: If you where any cookie, what would you be and why?

My answer: No cookies, cookies taste bad.

----------------------------------- -------------------

Extended Algebra was no different, except today we had to be paired in groups to go over our homework together. My group was Henry, Hope, and the guy that never speaks. The that never speaks name is Aiden. I'll keep tabs on him. He's so intresting.
Heny has the black, nerdy, rimmed glasses. He has a skwany body. Heny wears Star Wars shirts, and splattered paint jeans. Hope is really pretty. She has some chub, but that's what i like about her.
She's not all skinny, and she looks content with that. I smile at her when i see her. She's wearing blue, button up shirt, with blue jeans. The guy that never speaks is a dream. His eyes are electric blue, and
his hair is black. I don't like him for the obvious reason(Like, how he wears a black tank tope, and jeans. Or that his hair is cut so that part of his hair is in front of his eye.)
No, Aiden gives off a vibe. A vibe that he knows more than he can see. 

----------------------------------- -------------------

Our group sat at Henry's desk, and we said nothing. We all just sat there, in silence. Until Hope broke the silence.
"Your new right?"

For some reason that spiked Aidens intrest, because than he looked at me.

"Yes, i'm from Califronia."

Henry drops his pen, and looks at me in awe, "If you lived in California, why did you come here."

You see, i could either: A)Lie
B) Tell them I don't want to talk about it
C) Tell them the truth

Well, since people have lied to me, i tell them the truth.

"My mom died. I forgot i had something in the oven, and i woke up to my mom screaming."

Everybody in my group just looked at me.

"Since my mom died, i live with my dad, my "mom", and her kids."

They all stared at me, like they couldn't believe i told them that.

Aiden looked at me, and our eyes connected, "I'm sorry for your loss."

This time, Hope, Henry, and I all look at Aiden who never speaks.

I nodded my head, and got back to looking over my homework.

----------------------------------- -------------------

I don't define people, or judge them. But, i'm making a special exception for Gracie. Apprently, she's telling everyone how i'm so horrible. How i'm a freak, and how i'm stupid.
Wow, i never thought she would be the type to spread nasty rumors. But, if theres one thing i'm good at is, REVENGE.
Trust me, she'll get's what coming to her.

----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -----------------------------

I get bored really easily, so I wrote a poem...called Broken Fall:

Angel cry out some where in pain,
There wings broken, and tattered
I hear the world in a sad sob
Everything is shattering
Like a broken mirror
Nothing seems perfect
Nothing seem innocent
Nothing is perfect
Some where I hear an Angel cry out of sin
They washed there hands in the water of sorrow
They have broken there fall
And now remains here on Earth
They remain in hell
Our earthis dying
And so are we

----------------------------------- -------------------

Do you think people tend to be who they are...or did they just become that way? I'm contemplating this in gym, when I hear giggles behind me. And, of course, it's Gracie,
and her "peeps."
They all keep staring, expecally when Aiden comes by me.

Aiden smiles, "Do you want to be partners for soccor?"

Oh, my gosh, he's talking to me. 

Aiden continues, "Mrs.Growling told us to find a partner."

I nodd, and i go to get a soccor ball. Gracie, and her peeps are watching me walk to get a soccor. 

I smile, and walk towards Aiden.

----------------------------------- -------------------

I have Lunch after gym, which makes me happy. I sit with no one, but in the back table of the caffiteria. 

I was eating a sub, when I see Aiden, Everlyn, Henry, and some other guy I don't know.

Aiden sits next to me, "Can we join you?"

I nodd my head, and continue to eat.

The girl with black hair pipes up, "Did you mom really die in a fire?"

Aiden, Everlyn, and Henry all look up at the girl. They have the look that she is so stupid on there faces.

I nodd, "Yes."

The girl pipes up again, "Is it true that Gracie hates you?"

Henry slaps the girl on the arm, "Margret stop."

I look at Margret, "Yes, i do believe that."

Just than I look up at Aiden, who is laughs, "Autum, you shouldn't worry about Grace, no one likes her anyways."

Not even you? I want to say, but don't. 
I don't want to get attached to him...and get hurt...again.

----------------------------------- -------------------

They say that the past isn't really through with you, even when your dead.
I don't really believe that, until now. I have my mom's death haunting me like a plague. People whisper that i killed her, but i didn't. Even if i wanted too, i would
never kill my mom....never.

Well, not intentionally.
----------------------------------- -------------------

I get in the door, and everything feels tense. I wait by the stairs, and hear Marium, and dad fightning.

Mariam slams the plate down to the floor, "Well, then maybe i'm not the one for you?"

My dad's voice is shaken, "No, it's not that. It's just, well, it's just Autum here is stressing me out."

Mariam slams another plate, but this time against a wall, "DON'T you dare use Autum as an excuse for your lack of honesty."

"No i'm not."

"Yes, you are. When, all you had to do is tell me you were going out."

Dad goes, and slams the door behind him.

Everything turns cold...and dead. I can't deal with this again. I walk out the door, but grab my bag, and head to the park.

----------------------------------- ------------------

As i walk to the park...I ponder what dad said. Of course i would be the cause. I'm the cause of everything bad. I'm the cause of global warming, the flooding , the erupting
valcanoes, and the end of the world.
I wish i had never came here. 

----------------------------------- -------------------

Chapter 4
"In Free Fall."

I watch as the little kids play on the slide, and the mothers gossip with one another. I draw with charcole, and ponder how evrything looks so innocent. I would never want to
be a kid again. Being a good set you up to be so naive. You believe in love when your older, you believe in miracles, and you believe in fate. I don't believe in anyone of them. 

And, trust me, you shouldn't either.

----------------------------------- -------------------

"Hey Autum."

I glance up from drawing the playground, to see Everlyn sitting next to me, "Hi."

She laughs, "What i wish to be a kid again."

I scoff, and continue to draw, "I don't."

"You don't?"


Everlyn looks at me, like i have spoken a different language, "Why?"

I explain the whole reason to her about why love, faith, and miracles don't come true. And how it is wrong to brain wash people into thinking so.

I contiue to draw this little girl who is crying by her mom. She fell down the stairs going up to the castle. I wonder how this girl feels that she fell down, and no one else did.

I was just contemplating that, when I see Aiden taking picture. I catch his eye for a second, and he takes a shot of me.

Everlyn must have saw him, becasue she is geeking out next to me, "Oh, my gosh, you like Aiden!?"

No, i don't tend to like like people, because than someone gets hurt.

"No." I brush her off, "He's not my type."

"Tall, dark, and handsome is not your type?"


"Well," Everlyn whispers in my ear, "we'll see. Because Aiden is coming over as we speak."

I look up to see Aiden walk over to us, "Hey, guys."

I nodd at him, but my heart is pounding. I wish my heart would stop pounding.

----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ---------------------------------

The park was fun. Everlyn, Aiden, and I were all just hanging around, and chatting.
I would be lying if i told you that i the park sucked, but i'm not lying. Everlyn had the idea that we should all have each others numbers and text each other. 
Aiden got my first, then Everlyn's. And, i knew that she had a plan, because she kept smiling at me. 
Trust me, Aiden and i won't ever happen...ever...

----------------------------------- -------------------

Don't you know how people say that when your in free fall, you have no resistance pulling on you. Only gravity. But, what if they are wrong. What if everything that
science proves was wrong?? What if there are other plants that have life on them. What if those life forms were staring at us....right now? What if they were more advanced than us?
To me, i don't like science, or math. Because, in my mind, they all made how to get numbers

The End

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