Taste the RainbowMature

You knew that jacking it was so colorful?

Again, my friend Onturn7 helped produce this...

One day I was jacking off and I came out a rainbow.  I started telling kids they could taste the rainbow if they sucked my penis and I got arrested for sex with minors.  Before they caught me I masturbated so hard that I came a giant rainbow across the sky.  I told my friend to bail me out and the bail was $69 (Which is pretty expensive from where I come from) and he said he couldn't but I told him he could get the money on the end of the rainbow.  he got there and found $69 worth of skittles and bailed me out.  I decided to masturbate and since I hadn't done it in a while and I came so hard that every girl got pregnant and gave birth to rainbow babies and I decided to eat one and it was skittle flavored.

The End

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