Few More Minutes - RowenMature

Bed. Dominic. Bed. Dominic. In. 

Dominic was in my bed. I sat up and lifted the covers relaxing when I saw clothes. I slipped out and stood watching him. What had happened last night? I'd been complaining about Sophie's attitude the day before and there were a few drinks. At what point had we ended in bed together. I nibbled my lip and went to sit on the stool at my dresser.

It wasn't too long till Dominic woke up and seeing me gone he sat up instantly. When he saw me sat on the stool near my dresser he relaxed. "I'd though you had just left me here" he laughed.

"How did we get in my bed?" I asked him.

"Oh, you fell asleep" he smiled getting up and stretching giving a glimpse of chest which didn't draw me in like other girls. "So I carried you up and fell asleep with you. I didn't try anything"

"I should hope not if I was asleep" 

He chuckled. "May I borrow your shower? I didn't expect to stay over" 

"Sure" I said pointing absently at my ensuite's door. "Through there" He nodded then headed through the door leaving me to bury my face in my hands. What would I have done had he tried something? I didn't know if I was ready to think about being with a guy even though I was technically with one.

I always thought it was going to be Sophie. I sighed and got up heading downstairs to find a note from my parents saying they'd both gone to work. I plucked them off the fridge screwed them up and tossed them into the bin. I heard the shower running upstairs and knew a normal girlfriend would have tried to sneak a peak but I wasn't going to try be what I was meant to be and was just gonna be myself.

I'd just finished the sausages for my sandwich when Dominic came down stairs his hair wet and his shirt slightly stuck to his body. For a moment I stared feeling my eyes wander over him then feeling rude I forced myself to look at his eyes. "Sausage sandwich?" I offered.

"I should really be getting home" he said with a soft guilty smile. I frowned. Why was he feeling guilty.

"Oh... okay" I made sure the sausages weren't gonna burn then walked over to kiss him. It was just meant to be a simple goodbye kiss but Dominic looped his arms round my waist pulling me to him. His tongue pushed open my mouth creating a searing heat I still wasn't use to. Kissing this passionately wasn't something I'd thought about but since I had allowed it at my party that was the only way he'd been kissing me.

Dominic shuffled us back so I was pressed up against a wall. "Dominic" I got out as his mouth moved down my neck. "I-I thought you s-said you had to g-go" 

He chuckled as his lips met my neck sending shivers through me. My eyes fluttered closed and I wrapped my arms round him no longer protesting. "Maybe a few more minutes" he said.

More like a few more hours. My bed stayed off limits.

The End

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