Lace - James FaustMature

As I served up the pasta for dinner I ran back to my reaction to Sophie's attire. The baby blue dress pulling in on her small waist and then flowing down. She wore no tights so her calves showed and just that cheeky glimpse of leg and her bare arms made me hunger for more. I closed my eyes and tried to picture her without the dress at all.

I couldn't picture what underwear she would wear though. Whether she liked lacy stuff or the innocent simple stuff. 

He pick up the bowls of pasta and placed them on the table. "It looks delicious" Sophie's little voice spoke. I sat across from her at the table and drew my eyes up to her slow and lazy watching her cheeks turn pink.

"I do hope you like it" I say picking up my fork and twirling it into the pasta. I waited till she had taken the first bite and watch as her eyes closed for a moment from the taste. She finished the food in her mouth and looked at me. "Do you like it?"

"It's..." she flushed embarrassed. "Its delicious"

She looked delicious especially as she nervous licked her lips like usual. She looked up at me and I smiled. This had been a long time coming but I must take my time and not push it just cause she already felt like putty in my fingers. I thought about the crisp white sheets upstairs and had to shift so my pants weren't so tight. 

Luckily by the time it was to take the plates out I had calmed down. "Go and take a seat on the couch" I told her before leaving the room. I got a bottle of wine and thought for a moment before deciding against and taking some appletizer for her and a wine for myself. "Here" I said handing her the glass before sitting beside her. I relaxed back and sipped at my drink.

Sophie shifted starting to look awkward. Her unease made me smile. "Relax" I purred running a hand softly over her cheek. She looked at me with her red cheeks and smiled. "You shouldn't be nervous. I'm not going to hurt you"

"I-I know" she said putting her glass down. "I want you to kiss me again"

"Oh do you?" I questioned with a smile and sipped my wine not putting the glass down. She peered up at me with eyes so innocent and helpless. They were full of the need I had so longed wanted to fill them.

Finally I put down my glass and face her running both my hands back through her hair. I watched the auburn strands slide beautifully through my fingers. Sophie closed her eyes in anticipation of a kiss that I wasn't going to give her any time soon. Instead I pulled her against me with one arm round her waist. My other hand went to her leg and trailed up under her dress.

Her eyes opened and she looked at me with wide eyes. She didn't stop me though and I watched her lick her lips. I leant in and finally gave her a kiss. A soft sound slipped from her lip which was like a very quite moan. I would have smiled but I was more thinking about kissing her deeper as I drew up her skirt enough to get a glimpse of her underwear.

The lace made my smile and Sophie pulled back tugging the skirt of her dress down. I felt a small flash of anger flick through me but squished it away. "Sorry, I didn't mean to push you"

Her eyes flicked to the clock. "I should go home" she whispered. 

"Maybe that's best" I said pushing her hair behind her ear. She looked up at me. "I don't want you to think I'm only in this because of your youth"

She swallowed. "No, I don't think you are but.... this is real right? This is... This is a relationship isn't it?"

"Of course" he says. "I wouldn't play with you, Sophie" 

The End

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