Dinner - SophieMature

When the party got into full swing I felt so out of place and soon enough I couldn't find Rowen. I searched around asking various people if they knew where she was till I bumped into a guy called John. "Rowen? Oh yeah, she's out back with Dominic" he said winking at me.

I frowned and headed towards the kitchen which led out to the back. What had the wink been all about? Was he flirting with me cause if he was then I'd have to clearly show I wasn't interested because I was taken and was going to remain so. Think of James I drifted off into a daze remember his kiss how intense it had been. How sinful. I shiver just as I left the kitchen to see.... to see Dominic all over Rowen.

He had her pinned beneath him on a bench their bodies molded together as their lips fiercely attacked the others. Strangely I felt angry.

"What are you doing?!" I squeaked. Dominic shot up into a sitting position but when he saw it was me he relaxed which made me suspicious again. Rowen looked at me blinking apparently confused by my outburst. I was a bit too. 

Rowen tugged her skirt down which I now noticed had been pushed up to a very revealing height. She sat up and tried to neaten her hair. "We were just-"

"You're barely sixteen, Ro!" I squeaked. 

Dominic shifted obviously uncomfortable and Rowen said something to him which made him leave. She turned to look at me her eyes annoyed. "I wasn't going to go that far. We've been dating" 

That hit me. I mean she'd almost demanded to see the guy I'd kiss. "Dating?" I questioned. "Since when?" 

"A couple of days ago"

"And you're already doing that" I fretted.

Rowen stood up. "I don't know what you're getting so worked up about" she snapped her voice angry as she stared at me hard. "You've kissed a guy to"

I flushed. It was just as intense as well, my mind thought. "This... This is different" I fumbled for a reason.


"It just is!" I squeaked.

"No, its not. I'm going back inside" she turned and left me there leaving me with the choice to run after her or leaving. I turned on my heels and left through the back gate heading round to the street. 

I shoved my hands in my pockets at I walked feeling the cold bite at me. I was glad I hadn't brought much to Rowen. I could pick it up another time anyway. Stopping at the end of the street I felt tears sting my eyes and I wiped them away angrily. I got home and just went straight to sleep.

My mother questioned my early return but I ignored her just going up the stairs to my room which lay at the end of the hall. The door also had a lock so I put that in place before I went to bed. When I woke it was 10 o'clock on the Saturday morning and my phone was alight with a message.

I picked it up and found a reply to my little hello message to James. I flushed running my eyes over the text again and again before squealing happy.

'Lets go 2 dinner tonight. I'll pick u up from the park x' 

I replied quickly my fingers occasionally making a mistake in my excitement causing me to have to go back. 'Tht would b g8 can't w8 x' 

I was worried about the text speak but got a little 'c u at 8 x' in reply. For the whole day I was twirling about my room trying to decide on what to wear when I finally chose a simple baby blue dress which tugged in at the waist then flowed out. It was decorated with bits of sparkle and I did my hair in a plait decorating it with a flower pin accessory.

Standing at the park was cold. It wasn't exactly summer lets just say that so I hunch my shoulders against the cold glancing at my watch which showed 7:44 pm. I sighed knowing I should have taken the extra 10 minutes to make make sure my plait didn't come undo a bit which is had making me look childish.

Soon enough though at 7:50 James pulled up in his car. "Hello" I whispered as he got out. I checked my watch again before looking at him. "You're early"

"So are you?" he said and opened the passenger door for me to get in. I slid in making sure my dress didn't ride up. "You look very nice, Miss Winworth"

"Sophie" I jumped out as he got in. He looked at me raising his eyebrow with a hidden smile on the edge of his lips. "You c-can call me Sophie"

"Then you can call me James... Only when we're alone of course" he said as he leant over and kissed me sending shivers down my spine. He then pulled back and started to drive. It seem so agonizingly slow that I was surprised when we pulled outside his house. 


"Yes" he smiles. "I have made you didn't"

My heart pounded in my chest. A man had made me dinner and not any man but James Faust. "You didn't have to do that" I said. 

"Oh but I did, Sophie. It's not like we can go to a restaurant even though I'd love to because people will disapprove" James said as he helped me out pushing me against the car after the door had closed. 

I looked down. "It's sad that. That people believe age matters" I whisper. He hook a finger under my chin and tilted my face up.

"You don't believe that?" he questioned and I shook my head. He takes me hand. "Come along for dinner then"

I followed him inside and was still awed by the sheer size of his home. We went to the dinning room where the table was maturely set and a little romantic with one candle in the middle. He pulled my seat out for me and I sat. 

"Wait here for a few moments" he smiled and then vanished off into the kitchen.

The End

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