Why? - RowenMature

Sophie was in a daze all day on Friday. Eventually when we were at my house getting ready for my 16th I snapped. "Tell me what's going on?" I says cornering her as she came out of the bathroom.

She flushed. "I-I don't know what you're on about" she said shooting round me over to my dressed where she look as if to consider putting make-up on. I know she'd decide against it in the end like she always did. I knew her to well. In fact that was why I knew something was wrong. I put my hands on my hips giving her a look. She glanced at me in the mirror and sighed turning round to look at me. "Swear you won't tell anyone"

"Promise" I said with a firm nod sitting down on my bed. I watched Sophie lick her lips nervously then waited as she took three deep breaths.

She burst out in a grin. "My crush kissed me" she say and my world went black.

"Wh-What?" I stuttered in shock. 

She flushed looking down at her pumps. "It was so sudden but... I'm so happy, Rowen"

"Who?" I questioned. "When? I thought you've been busy"

She opened her mouth then closed it thinking for a moment. "His name is James. I... I see him when I walk home after school"

Mysterious James. I wanted to punch his face in but for Sophie's benefit I forced a smile. "I must meet him then if he's going out with my best friend" I laughed.

"Oh no, not yet. I want to give it some time" I frowned at that. Her first boyfriend and she didn't want me to meet him.

That and the fact this guy's presence had screwed up everything. I knew it would never of happened but all the time I was wishing it would. It was my secret wish that I thought would pop up real round the corner. "I understand" I forced out trying to be peppy. "Oh this is big news!"

"Don't tell anyone!" she rushed. 

I waved my hand dismissing her worries. "I won't. I won't. I promised didn't I?" I smiled. "Opps, excuse me. I need the toilet"

Sophie nodded turning back to the mirror and I walked over to the ensuite. I stopped in the doorway and looked back for a moment. I had so hoped with all my heart but now... it was gone. A shattered dream and a knowledge it had been a worthless hope.

Tears threatened to fall so I closed the bathroom door and put the toilet lid down before sitting on it. I buried my face in my hands and felt the tears falls. Friends. Everyone was always happy to have friends. What happened thought when you wanted more? When you got friend zoned?

I sniffled and grabbed some tissue wiping my eyes then blowing my nose before looking in the mirror. My make up was ruined and I couldn't go out with it ruined. Sophie would question why I had been crying and I couldn't tell her. She was all so happy. She'd look so excited when she'd told me the news. It had never mattered to me that she was a couple months older but now I felt like she'd grown up leaving me behind. I stood up facing the mirror and fixed my make up.

Dominic was coming to the party. I swallowed and fiddled with my nails. Maybe... Maybe I should break it off. I shook my head. No, that would be cruel. I'd give it a chance since now Sophie's door was closed. "Guests are arriving" I heard my mother call as I came out of the bathroom.

"Lets head down shall we?" Sophie said getting up and smiling at me so innocently. Oh why Sophie?

The End

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